Some’s Hot, Some Not 01/30/13

Take cover, I’m back…..Okay, admit it now. You thought I was dead. Who am I fooling? I thought I was dead. I don’t know what I had, but I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Oh, wait a minute now.

I got a flu shot at Ed’s Pharmacy. They claim it was real. And I know the people at Ed’s Pharmacy. They don’t want to do me in. Hell, some weeks I’m their best customer.

Except for Medicare, Part D, I do reach the really cheap part of that early in the year because of my expensive and extensive drugs. I have, as my cancer doctor pointed out, co-morbidities. I got a hint for Obama and his attempts to balance the budget. Anyone who lives in 77478 and 77479 zip codes can afford to pay more for drugs. Just saying.

While achieving bed sores, I was still busy. I listened to TV for hours and did learn some interesting things. I take that back. I listened to TV until Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sold out the filibuster clause in the Senate rules. Then I turned, threw the remote at the TV, luckily hit the off button and haven’t had it on since.

For the uninitiated, a filibuster is when some legislator gets up and talks forever until the other legislators give up on the bill the filibusterer is trying to block.  You could talk about anything you want, read aloud the Congressional Record, Bible (they need that) etc. Someone can speak for you while you go to the bathroom but the sessions are really long and you have to keep talking. That is a true filibuster.

Back during the 50’s I watched many a filibuster on  B&W TV with my grandfather. He was the only Republican in Texas then except for my Dad and George H.W. Bush.

Well, anyway nowadays when you filibuster in the Senate, you don’t have to really talk. You just have to say “I filibuster this bill” or olly, olly oxen free or some such nonsense, and it takes a super majority of 60 votes (the Senate has 100 Senators) to pass the bill.

Henry Reid had promised for months publicly that he was going to change that as there is only one day of the year when one can change it–when a new Senate is sworn in.

Did ol’ lying has-to-buy-a-smile Reid change it? Nope. Guess he and the liver-lillied Democrats didn’t have the votes. Actually, I think they think they will be on the other side of the fence one of these days and they will need the 60 votes super majority.

I say if you call filibuster, you have to work for it. Filibuster. I grew up hating the Democrats. They were like the Republicans are today. Now I feel the same way about Republicans.

At what age?…..I’ve often wondered at what age Texas men start to think that duct tape can fix anything. Now I know. Grandson Carter needed to fix my garden hose this weekend. “BeBe, where is the duck (sic) tape?” he shouted as he came in the house.

He’s eight.

Credit where it’s due…..Remember when I gave new Sheriff Troy Nehls what for when he appointed a whole passel of fluffy white guys to his command staff? Well, one campaign promise he has made good. He promised that every person in the sheriff’s department would not have a county ride with gas, insurance, etc. He’s making good on that promise by giving some of the sheriff cars to other departments who need them. It’s just a few, but it’s a start. Keep ‘em coming.

Absent without leave…..Ever wonder why we don’t see former Congressvarmit Tom DeLay around much. He lives in Sugar Land, yet you never see him. You’d think you would see him buying groceries, or pumping gas. And he’s not in jail, yet.

I think it’s because he’s embarrassed. He only comes out after dark. And I think the major embarrassment is not the jail sentence. He’ll probably get that overturned. I think the major embarrassment is  the money he scammed  out of his friends for that abortive children’s home Rio Bend that sat empty for years. He and his wife built it to try to shine up his image in Washington. You know what they say. You can’t shine a t***.

Tom is ashamed of looking those people in the face so he makes up all kinds of excuses for not speaking to them anymore. Pray, Tom, pray.

Do you hear them coming?…..It was revealed this week that national Democrats have targeted Texas to turn blue in the next 10 years. It’s because of the Latino votes, the black votes, and the women votes, Planned Parenthood supporters, learned people, college graduates–all the demographics that have been under served by the Texas Republican party for the past 15 years.

I wish them well. Rick Perry’s presidential campaign racked up over $2 million in travel and security costs that the taxpayers of Texas paid as they were cutting school teachers and educational funding. If Johnny can’t read, ask Rick Perry.

If we continue to elect people of his ilk, then we deserve the government we get. Perry is a buffoon. Please remember the next time he runs for governor that he would leave the state in a heartbeat if he could run for president. He’s already done it. How does that make you feel, jilted lover?

Maybe the Republicans have finally overreached. Of course the Democrats have put a man in charge of turning the state blue  that just started a consulting company. Guess where a lot of the $10 million will go?

We’re all idiots!

They didn’t lay a glove on her…..Maybe I will live long enough to see a woman president. Hillary came through the Benghazi hearings unscathed. Juanita Jean (Of The World’s Most Dangerous Beauty Salon fame) is right. Rand Paul’s hairpiece does look like a squirrel died on top of his head. I don’t understand why those guys were trying to blame that on her. Why didn’t they blame the people who killed the ambassador?

Then to top it off. President Obama called “60 Minutes” himself and asked to be on with a “friend.” This was unprecedented! I loved them both. I know they are scheming politicians but on them, I just don’t seem to mind.

B.K. Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend/Southwest Star. She can be reached at

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1 Comment for “Some’s Hot, Some Not 01/30/13”

  1. Just Cogitating


    Fluffy white boys?? Ms. Bev, you should be proud of that team. I would hardly call an Iraq/Afghanistan Bronze Star soldier fluffy.

    Perhaps it was the drugs talking. They do that, you know.

    Let me ‘splain something to you. The people of Fort Bend wanted change. They were tired of the crap being foisted upon them by the previous crew. The most efficient, speedy, cutting-edge fighting components in the world are comprised of persons who are similar in thought, form and function. They don’t worry about political correctness, diversity, time-outs and namby-pamby pandering to whiny wanna-be’s. They are MEN. REAL men. The kind you want to appear at your home when the bad guys are trying to bust in. The kind who will stand up and say “ENOUGH!!” to underhanded attempts to destroy our peace of mind and security.

    We don’t want to have any distractions while our new team cleans up. Let them do their job. Quit complaining about the color of their skin and their gender, and look at the content of their character.

    And who said Sheriff Nehls doesn’t trust females? He married one, didn’t he? Last I knew, he stuck with her, too, and that shows REAL respect.

    Speaking of females, so what if they worked hard to elect him but didn’t get chosen for a command post? Waahhhh! They should have figured out that a REAL man doesn’t just choose anyone because he has to “include” everyone. Is that why they worked, just because they thought they were gonna be “rewarded” with a leadership title? Not this time, people. Those days are OVER.

    Now with all due respect to the ladies, I’m sure there is a place for them in the department where their natural talents will be realized. Just as long as they don’t try to run things when it is clear that the fastest way to fix the mess in the sheriff’s office is to stand back. They’ll have their chance, just be patient and enjoy that county paycheck. They are here to serve the public, not cry because they weren’t picked for a place in the spotlight. Right??

    I hear some of the private security agencies are hiring. With the background they have, they could probably be a supervisor upon hire! There ya go, instant promotion. Go for it, girls!

    By the way, was this comment written by a female or a male? The viewpoint remains the same.

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