Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 02/06/13

Who in the heck?……thinks I want or need woodworking plans. I get oodles of e-mail every day. I’ve never counted because I have too much other things to do, but I get some crazy emails. They seem to run in packs. It was Canadian medicine for several months, then it was guaranteed loans. Lately it has been woodworking plans.

Not only do I not understand what web site I visited that caused the woodworking plans to be sent to me every day about 3 times a day, but since it is probably a mass mailing and you’ve received your share of invitations to buy woodworking plans, I wonder who thought that thousands, nay millions, of people should get woodworking plans. It simply defies imagination.

I also get many offers to teach me IPad instructions. Now IPads are simpler to work than your average computer. In fact, I saw a monkey (on TV) using an IPad yesterday. In fact my grandson Jack, who was 4 years old at the time, received an IPad for Christmas and by New Year’s had mastered the machine and carried it around like his binkie.

Some days I don’t even like to look at my email.

Kenneth Craig Brady……If you wonder who that is, it’s the same Craig Brady who was the Chief Deputy that spent one-half million dollars running for Sheriff and was soundly defeated in a four-man race. He is now applying to be the Chief of Police in Alvin as Kenneth Brady. I guess he wants to start a new life and we applaud him for that, but if I were an official in Alvin, I guess I would have my doubts about someone applying for a job as the chief law enforcement officer under a new name. I would wonder what he was trying to hide.

Asian day of beauty……Okay, I am going to make an old joke. I’m warning you so you can skip this paragraph.

After being sick for several weeks, when I finally arose from my sick bed I desperately needed some beauty treatment. I went to my favorite beauty salon where the young lady who cuts my hair is actually named Phuong Die^.p, but to her customers, she is called “Tiffany.”

Then I went to my favorite nail salon where the guy who does my mani-pedi is called “Tony” and I have no idea his Asian name.

So I had an Asian Day of Beauty but unfortunately two hours later I was ugly.

Legislative appointments…..In the state house committee assignments have been made. Rick Miller didn’t do so well, but he is new. He was put on the Defense and Veterans’ Affairs committee and the Elections committee.

Ron Reynolds was put on the Environmental Regulations committee and the Technology committee.

Dr. John Zerwas got the big one, the Appropriations committee and Chair of the General Investigation and Ethics committee.

Then Ron Reynolds got the really big one by being appointed as Democratic whip. My granddaughter, Kathryn Kluge, who attends Texas State University in San Marcus, drives to Austin and is interning for Ron Reynolds part-time. She loves it as she is majoring (this year) in political science.

Don’t get your hopes up about Dr.. Zerwas doing great things on the Appropriations committee and restoring some of the drastic cuts in education funding. Remember that Dr. Zerwas voted to cut funding for Planned Parenthood and voted to require a vaginal sonogram before an abortion. By the way, there is no medical necessity for the trans vaginal sonogram. It is simply to harass and embarrass the woman seeking an abortion.

Of course if you have the money, you can go to your private doctor and get a “D and C” and even have your insurance company pay for it.

International star…..Will I become an international star? This afternoon I am scheduled to meet some people at a local hotel to tape a segment of an Australian TV show that is much like “48 Hours.” I would get nervous about the meeting in a hotel except for my vast knowledge of these things, I know TV producers often rent a hotel facility to tape shows. Otherwise I would worry that I was being lured into the international geriatrics sex trade.

A sad note….A great friend, long-time advertiser, excellent craftsman who I was planning on remodeling some future things for me, and mostly a sweet, sweet man, Ray Wilson, long time resident of Missouri City, passed away last week. He was only 66. He died after an operation for cancer. Supposedly, they got all the cancer but during his recovery, he had a pulmonary embolism. Rest in peace, Ray. They needed another carpenter in Heaven.

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