Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 02/13/13

Car 54, we know where you are…..I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how the sheriff had taken some cars away from those in his department who didn’t really need them and had given them to some of the constables. What I didn’t explain is the car situation in the constable offices.

Several of the constables have contracts to patrol in some of the wealthier subdivisions. The money does not go to the constable but goes to the county’s general fund, as it should.

Along with the patrol contract, the subdivisions have to provide a car for the patrolling deputy. Again this is usually in the form of money which goes to the county general fund. That means the county has to provide the cars and what a sorry lot it has been for many years. Every year Sheriff Wright reminded Commissioners that the money was to buy cars, which he did. (I don’t know for sure that he reminded Commissioners of this or maybe his water-boy Commissioner Andy Meyers did the reminding. But surely someone did or why else did the Sheriff always get a pass from the Commissioners and all the money he wanted.) Then the Sheriff gave the sorriest piece of vehicle on four wheels and passed it on to the constables, particularly if his office didn’t have the contract and the constable did.

Troy Nehls has been a constable. He had put up with that unfair situation for years. So when he got in office I suspect he decided to level the playing field somewhat. He took good cars away from some of his employees who had no reason to have one except as a “perk” of the job and gave the good car to the constables.

I’ve heard that some in the sheriff’s department blame me and crime reporter LeaAnne Klentzman. We’ve both been complaining about the unfair distribution and unnecessary purchase of cars for years which have fallen on deaf ears. It’s not necessiary our fault. We just helped elect someone who thought the same way we did. Kudos to Sheriff Nehls.

We buy our own cars, pay for gas, insurance, and all repairs. We don’t see why people who don’t need a free ride should get one.

And now for something entirely different…..I can’t understand why Sugar Land just doesn’t give Capt. Van what he wants about the red light cameras. He’s complaining this week because Sugar Land will not admit that payment for red light fines captured by camera are strictly voluntary.

As far as I understand there are only two traffic lights with cameras still located in Sugar Land. It’s probably a good thing I am not a city official. I think I would simply either admit that paying the fines are volunteer or jerk the last two out to get him off my back. He says he has collected 1,183 signatures or 46% of the needed total to put it on the ballot. Maybe he should put a petition on-line.

Added note……..Maybe you remember last week when I wrote about the passing of long time advertiser and friend Ray Wilson. I have something to add to that story.

I was thinking about Ray all during Christmas. He had done some work for me in October and I kept meaning to call him and tell him how much I enjoyed it and what a great job he did. Then I kept thinking that I would send him a Christmas card with that message but I kept putting it off. When I thought of it, I was driving down the road or doing something else.

Then Christmas passed and I thought I would call him. I never got around to it, then last week he passed away. The moral to the story is that when you think of people or want to compliment on a job well done, you should DO IT NOW. I greatly regret I didn’t do it then.

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