Residents says … Obey the law and you won’t have to worry about the cameras

Dear Editor,

Being a Missouri City resident who spends a significant amount of time driving in Sugar Land, I would hope that H. Van Der Grinten’s concern about red light cameras be focused on safe defensive driving habits rather than the purpose he perceives for those cameras existence. Frankly, I could care less why Sugar Land has chosen to install these cameras at designated intersections because I typically make every effort to obey the law.

Have I made a rolling turn on red or run a red light while driving. Yes I have and I have even received warnings or citations for those actions which I paid because I was guilty of the offense. But my intent is to drive safely in accordance with applicable traffic laws and red light cameras are not a deterrent to that intent.

Running a red light and rolling through a right turn on red are both illegal, whether a police officer, camera or private citizen witness such action or not. The purpose of a yellow light is to forewarn drivers of an impending red light and to stop unless conditions make that dangerous. Yellow lights are not intended to be lengthy enough to allow a driver to speed up to beat the red light.

I have yet to ever come across an intersection with insufficient time to either safely stop on the yellow signal or be able to traverse the intersection while still yellow for individuals driving the posted speed limit.

The roads would be far safer for every single driver on the road if people were more concerned with traffic laws and obeying such laws accordingly than what we have today which is a me first I can drive however I want mentality as long as I can beat the other vehicles to wherever I want to go.

Robert Proffitt
Missouri City Resident

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  1. Robert Proffitt apparently did not encounter the short yellow that existed for many months on westbound W Airport at Eldridge. This period was a half second too short until I exposed it. The city promptly corrected this “inadvertent error”, but refused to refund the fines paid by those who were unfairly ticketed. The violation rate dropped by 20% after the correction.

    Red light cameras unfairly punish drivers for making a bad guess at the moment a green light turns yellow. Drivers do not have enough information to make a 100% correct stop or go decision every time. The only way to be 100% correct is to be already stopped when the light turns yellow e.g. because of heavy stop and go traffic. In this situation you could decide to not proceed and then slowly approach the intersection, stop again and wait for the next green light. Every other situation requires guess work and a wrong guess should not cost $75. If the city wants to turn a traffic light into a $75 guessing game, how about paying drivers every time they guess right?

    Please read my reply to Rochelle Hite below.

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