Girl fight; they never end right

By LeaAnne Klentzman

If ever there was a group about Girl Power – that would be “The Star” – however, fighting in the parking lot, that’s not girl power…that’s just trashy!

A Sunday morning or two ago, sheriff’s deputies were called to the Frank ‘N Steins Bar on Highway 66 on the north end of the county at about 2:30 am. Initially deputies thought they were responding to a robbery.

Come to find out, it was really a girl fight with an opportunistic theft.

See, there were two women, who jumped two other women-as boyfriends watched, mind you —Disgusting enough yet? Anyway, as the fight goes on… shoes, cell phones, and wristlets went fly’n! We hear tell that boyfriends were pick’n up the fly’n stuff, but seems they just weren’t fast enough… an opportunistic gawker snagged a wristlet, keys, and other property “abandoned” by the brawl’n babes.

Thank goodness for an observant onlooker, aka: cheerleader, deputies were given the license plate of the purloining pukes that stole those brawlers treasures. Yep, not too much later they found the car, and right there inside the car were the purloined treasures. So, unable to find the car owner in an apartment complex, they just towed it as evidence. Gotta love that!

Now, imagine the purloining puke’s surprise when he goes out to leave and realizes the cops have towed his car because of the purloined wristlet inside.

See, girls fight … They Never end right!

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