Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 03/13/13

It’s been fun!!!!! In a couple of weeks (April 9 in fact), I’ll be 72. It’s hard to believe that I’ll reach that rarefied age and if I knew I was gonna live this long, I would have not only taken better care of my teeth, but I would have NEVER smoked!

Be that as it may, I have had the best time. I have taught English and drama to hundreds of students while teaching them how to laugh along the way.

I have built a newspaper that has helped hundreds of non-profits raise tens of thousands of dollars for their charities.

I have kept my eye on many elected officials to make sure they walked the straight and narrow and if they didn’t……well, katy bar the door.

I guess you could say for the first 15 years of this newspaper’s existence, I worked very hard to build it. Then for the past 20 years, my son Michael Fredrickson has worked very hard to  continue to build it. Heck, who am I kidding? It’s been his efforts for the past 20 years to build the newspaper. It’s been his.

So as I approach my 72nd birthday, I think it’s about time I acknowledge that Michael is the real publisher, I’m just holding the pen. From now on, please describe me as the publisher emeritus (has a nice ring, doesn’t it?) and Michael Fredrickson as the publisher.

This does not mean I won’t take pen in hand and write a column occasionally. Or even a news story (some columns and stories just need writing. For example when office seekers vote twice in the same election. Or when local politicians spend a half million dollars seeking a job that on paper doesn’t pay that  much, well, like sheriff for instance. So don’t think you get off that easily!)

I’m having some health issues again. My doctor warned me about taking a bone scan for cancer. He said, “Are you sure you can lie on a very hard table without moving for 30 minutes?”

“Hell, doc,” I said, “I grew up sleeping on a corn cob mattress. We had a headboard until my Daddy ripped it off to use as a gate.”

“You know those fancy entrances to all those ranches between Houston and Austin? Well, those fancy entrances came from my Daddy using fancy iron head boards as gates to his property.”

I don’t think my highly educated doctor wanted to hear my version of Texas history as he shooed me out of his office soon after that. Bet he’s sorry he ever drew me as a patient because patient I’m not, and I’m already telling him how to treat me. Of course, if I die, he can blame me!

Well, I’m not going to die and  I’m certainly not going to quit writing if I’m well enough, mad enough, and my hands are working (typing).

I hate this as much….Several weeks ago I wrote about how half-bearded faces on guys were not a turn-on for me, and I had no idea how it started. A reader informed me that it came from those baby-faced Hollywood boys trying to look like real men!

I hate “going forward” just as much. Have you noticed how everyone now says “going forward” instead of “in the future.” I’m almost afraid to turn on a political talk show. I guess they think “going forward” sounds cooler.  A word–it’s not!

Seven million between 37 states……A press release from Greg Abbott who I despise just a little less that Rick Perry, takes credit for getting Google to pay $7 million for the invasion of privacy that Google street view did when it was supposedly mapping your street. (I actually saw them on my street and thought it was pretty cool). Come to find  out, they were stealing my private stuff unless I had my router locked or something like that. Silly people. They can “steal” all they want, I’m fixing to publish it anyway.

My question is how are they going to divide $7 million between 37 states or is Greg Abbott going to use it to run against Rick Perry going forward.

Two bushes in the hand…..Jeb Bush was going around to six, count ‘em, six, talking shows to promote his book/run for president this past weekend. Do the Bushes or the Republican Party honestly think we have forgotten how George W. almost completely ruined this country and it will take YEARS to pull out of his mire?

Do they really think we will readily elect another Bush in this millennium? I just dare him to run against Hillary. She will beat him like a rented mule,  a redheaded step-child, a run-away sister, wife, like….going forward!

B.K. Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend/Southwest Star. She can be reached at

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