Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 03/27/13

When your chickens come home to roost…….We had a funny thing happen at the newspaper a couple of weeks ago. Well, it was sort of serious and funny at the same time.

The boys at the newspaper on the other side of the river, the Herald Coaster, or whatever they are calling it nowadays, have always looked down their collective noses at us. It’s as if since we are delivered free and they charge, they are better than we are.

So imagine our surprise when several friends from the Richmond/Rosenberg area called to express their condolences that they had hired “Star” reporter and “Star Video” head producer Elsa Malakoff-Maxey away from us. They thought this because a front -page lead story had appeared just that day with Elsa’s byline. The story was about the toll road authority and we had first run it back in January.

I was lying in my sick bed when I received the first call and I thought “That didn’t happen! I know Elsa would have called me.”

Sick or not, I immediately called Clyde King who runs the Herald Coaster. Clyde said he remembered reading the story but  he didn’t notice the byline. He even asked me if I always read bylines. I responded that I sure do.

After looking up the story, Mr. King said he would have to find out what happened and get back to me.

He never did.

Somebody over there, maybe Lee Hartman, finally told Elsa  some cockamamie tale about how the Katy editor sent it in and they thought he got it from one of his reporters/freelancers.

I have to admit we sent the Coaster a bill for use of intellectual property. They paid immediately without a quibble. I haven’t cashed it yet so I can still talk about it.

So the next time the boys from across the river even think about looking down their noses at us or calling us names, I’ll remind them that we’ve never lifted a story from them and ran it in toto on the front page above the fold.

Saturday morning, coming down…….I understand why the Postal Service union is running ads trying to protect Saturday delivery of mail.  They want to protect their employees who might be laid off as a result of reduction in work force.

But seriously folks, couldn’t we all live without Saturday delivery. I know I could. Let me hear from you if you disagree. I don’t want to hear from you if you work for the Post Office.

Whew! GOB system  still alive in Fort Bend…..I know you’ve been worried that the Good Old Boy system was no longer operative in Fort Bend since we had grown so sophisticated. That is not true. It’s just the GOBs haven’t done anything egregious enough to set my hair on fire lately.

That has all changed. And it involves Boss Hog Judge  R.H. “Sandy” Bielstein, who wields far more influence than serving as County Court at Law #4.

The most recent action was the asking for the resignation of Mike Meade, head of Juvenile Probation for the past 10 years.

According to most reports, Meade was doing a crackerjack job until he was forced to resign under threat of being fired and losing his benefits.

The other judges who participated in this cabal were Bud Childers and Jim

Shoemake. I refer to them, including Bielstein, as the unholy trinity.

Next week I’ll tell you more about this and also about papers that have disappeared from the courthouse. I won’t fail to mention the arrested man that was PRed by Bielstein and who now lives with the judge, or at least says he does.

Now why would a bunch of judges fire a well-regarded juvenile probation head and have to go to the trouble of hiring a new one. Does a friend need a job? A friend like Craig Brady who ran for sheriff and got his butt handed to him. A friend like Craig Brady who somehow raised 1/2 million dollars to run. A friend like Craig Brady who lived next door to the judge for years.

Oh, I’ve got a lot more to talk about. I’m baaaaack?

B.K. Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend/Southwest Star. She can be reached at

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