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Okay, listen up real careful……I told you a couple of weeks ago that the new publisher of the “Star” was my son Michael Fredrickson because he had been the real publisher for the past 15-20 years anyway. I quit work during the O.J. trial when I went home to watch it and never came back. Besides when the Pope retired and became the Pope Emeritus, I thought that was cool. It’s what actually gave me the idea for Publisher Emeritus and I’m not even Catholic.

But you notice if you re-read the column (it’s available on our web site), I said nothing about quitting completely. NOTHING!!

I heard that after my last column about the Good Ol’ Boys (GOB), there was some consternation about the fact that I was supposed to have retired. In that same column, I even promised to write when I felt like it.

Well, I feel like it. Bullying always makes me feel like it.

And the bullying I’m talking about involved the forced resignation of the head of juvenile probation, Mike Meade, by judges Jim Shoemake, Bud Childers, and Sandy Bielstein.

Here are the circumstances of Mr. Meade’s resignation in his own words after Boss Hawg Judge Bielstein asked him to meet with him:

“I arrived promptly at 2 p.m. and was greeted by his bailiff, Officer Dale Kelley. Officer Kelley blocked my entrance to Chairman Bielstein’s office and escorted me to the Chair’s jury assembly room. Upon entering the room, seated were Judges/Juvenile Board Member Bud Childers, Sandy Bielstein, Jim Shoemake. Surrounding all three judges in the room were their three bailiffs.

“Chairman Bielstein immediately told me, that “my services are no longer needed” and that I was going to be “terminated” that day unless I “resigned voluntarily.” I asked on what grounds would I be terminated, and I was denied an answer by all three Judges. After brief thought, my response was “I work at the pleasure of the Board, therefore I will resign.” A pen and a pre-typed resignation letter were placed in front of me and I signed it. Board Member Childers told me that my employment effectively ends at 5 p.m. the following day. At that point, I was stripped of my badge and ID card and what department keys I had with me.

“I was instructed that I couldn’t return to my office to retrieve my personal belongings and would be driven home by an officer. The bailiffs escorted me from the courthouse to my county car and assisted me in transferring my personal belongings from my assigned car to the vehicle of the County Attorney’s Investigator. The Investigator then drove me home. Clearly the aforementioned was premeditated and all the details of my “resignation” had been worked out preemptively.

“(It was) Hardly a dignified manner in which to be treated, for a dedicated county employee and someone who has done so much for the youth and their families of this community for nearly 13 year as the Chief/Executive Director. My record and pro-active achievements speak for themselves, as do the department’s data, successful audit scores, low turnover, and very good morale, not to mention a detention officer safety record that is rated as one of the highest in the state. I don’t think anyone on this Board would dispute that I have left the Fort Bend County Juvenile Probation Department in far better shape then when I inherited the same in 2000.

“Additionally, and according to the president of Juvenile Justice Association of Texas (JJAT), with a membership of over 500 juvenile justice practitioners, Fort Bend Juvenile Probation Department is rated as one of the top 3 departments in the state.

“As a result of my hard work in the field of juvenile corrections, I recently received the following awards and appointments:

“1. Winner of the “Bell Ringer Award” by the Fort Bend County Mental Health Association for 2011 for my work in bringing an awareness to delinquents with mental health issues.
2. Winner of the Amador Rodriguez Life Time Achievement Award for 2012 as presented by JJAT.
3. Former President of the Southeast Chief’s Association
4. Former Chair of the Fort Bend County Judicial Steering Team
5. Appointed by Governor Rick Perry in 2011 to sit on the Texas Juvenile Justice Department Board representing large counties.”

Actually I was already investigating Boss Hawg Bielstein due to some very strange and unusual things he had done as a judge.

One thing I found unusual was his insistence that Mr. Meade hire an old HPD crony of his named Billy Lang. When Mr. Meade acquiesced, that’s when the trouble started.

Another strange thing I found about Judge Boss Hawg was a man named Curtis Obrien (age 47) who owns a small engine repair company that was the late night headquarters for sheriff candidate Craig Brady’s “ team.”

Obrien’s record includes, according to county documents, a nolo plea in 1986 for driving while license suspended in County Court at Law # 1 Judge Culver presiding with no attorney listed.

In 1990 a warrant was issued and in 1992 it was all dismissed for lack of prosecution in County Court at Law # 2 Judge Walter McMeans. Attorney was Donald Bankston.

In 1995 Obrien was arrested by Sheriff’s office for Interfering with Public Servant – County Court at Law #1 Judge Wagenbach dismissed those charges because Obrien only interfered verbally, according to paperwork, and no attorney was listed.

In 1997 Assault with bodily injury case dismissed in 1999 in County Court at Law# 3, Judge Susan Lowery. Attorney was Sandy Bielstein who was not a judge yet.

In 2013, Obrien was arrested by Rosenberg PD for possession in a Drug Free Zone and DWI. He was PR bonded out by Bielstein on the same day he was arrested. According to the bond on the most recent charges, Obrien lives with Bielstein on Baker Road in Rosenberg. (DWI and Possession)

This seems hardly the type of person a judge would want as a roommate nor the type of person a sheriff’s candidate would use for meetings.

The next court date is set before assistant Judge Pedro Ruiz. High-powered attorney (Texas Cheerleader Mom) Troy McKinney is the attorney for the charge of Possession of Marijuana in a drug free zone. The charge of DWI is scheduled for County Court at Law # 2 Judge McMeans set for June 2013 with no attorney listed.

Other charges in late 2012 seem to have mysteriously disappeared from official records.

It seems strange to me for Bielstein to keep PR bonding this man who at one point lists Bielstein as next of kin “friend” and appears to live with Judge Boss Hawg.

My investigation continues and will no doubt look at the other judges who appear to have fired the head of Juvenile Probation for no reason whatsoever. Guess they thought I was dead.

Shame on Sugar Land……for bragging about stealing Texas Instruments from Stafford. Mayor Leonard Scarcella’s hair is on fire and I expect his Sicilian background will force him to get retribution. It’ll be fun to watch.

B.K. Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend/Southwest Star. She can be reached at

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