Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 04/24/13

District Clerk’s office discriminates….I fussed about this several years ago. The problem is I can’t do any research on the county’s web site because it doesn’t like MACs. Our whole office has nothing but MACs. Most newspapers are like that. MACs had the best graphics programs early in the computer era.

So to do research on the county’s web site, I would have to buy a Microsoft product. How’s that for openness.

I talked to District Clerk Annie Elliott about it several years ago and she promised me then something would be done. Well, her pants must be on fire because the same situation still exists.

I wanted to look up the bitch fight between Judge Jim Richard and big Republican donor Richard McCarter when I discovered that the same situation exists today that existed several years ago. One clerk in the office told me it was a problem with the vendor. I suggested the county change vendors unless there was a real special relationship with the vendor and district clerk’s office. I know when I bid for things I have to meet certain requirements.

Many county taxpayers have MACs. Look at the number of IPads. It is time our county met the 21st century, dump the vendor who is unsatisfactory and make the research MAC compatible.

What’s wrong with newspapers…. Newspapers have come under such criticism lately with the internet supposedly the best source of information. I will admit that the internet does have a lot of information, but it also has a lot of misinformation. And I know there are people who accuse newspapers of the same thing, but all newspapers try to be accurate. That is our mandate.

However  one needs to think abbot this. No one has figured out how to make a profit on the internet information. They may make a profit on selling things  but they haven’t figured out how to sell information on the internet.

And the internet started out being a youngsters game. We old people have come by it recently at the urging of our young people.

I feel that we shouldn’t give up on newspapers yet. Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, who knows a bargain when he sees it,  has recently started making newspaper acquisitions, mainly small chains. And the Koch brothers  are reportedly trying to buy the Los Angles Times and Chicago Tribune.

So if these money men are in the market, what is happening? Maybe it’s because they are old and still have confidence in the power of newsprint. Maybe the Koch brothers believe their money is better spent on buying newspapers and influencing editorial content, than investing in Karl Rove.

But we still haven’t answered the question of why young people don’t read newspapers. I believe it is because parents do not read to their children anymore. And the screen of a computer greatly resembles the screen that raised them .. television.

My love of newspapers started before I ever went to school. Living 15 miles from the nearest town on a ranch in West Texas, there was very little reading material. I had about three books that my Mother had read to me until she was sick of them.

The Saturday Evening Post came monthly and I learned to read (look at pictures) myself on its pages. But the highlight of my life was Sunday when miraculously we received the Fort Worth Star Telegram. I don’t know if Daddy went to the mailbox and got it Saturday, and they hid it until Sunday, but Sunday after breakfast was Star Telegram day.

We didn’t go to church much as there weren’t many around. My mother worshiped the Lord by cooking a roast every Sunday. Monday was stew day. My mother could strip a roast of all usable meat far better than any butcher I have known.

Besides, the churches that were around were Baptist. We were Methodist.

So after breakfast came the highlight of the week. Mother would read us the “funny papers.”

She would read Dagwood and Blondie, Prince Valiant, and many other strips that have gone out of favor now.

Her reading the comics to  my brother and I imbued a love of reading in both of us. I tried to do the same with my own children, but I’m not sure how successful I was. After all, when they came along television had been invented.

So my thesis is that young people don’t read newspapers (or much of anything else) because their parents never read to them. They parked them in front of a TV and went about their own business.

And I must admit  the cartoons on TV were much more exciting than a story read by Mom. Unless you wanted to experience the closeness of Mom. In my day, both the closeness of Mom and reading newspapers were connected.

My brother was so connected to newspapers that he was one of the few who subscribed to USA Today for years and read it like the Bible, although I accused him of only wanting the crossword and sudoku.

Hope they are having fun……A committee of themselves has been appointed by the Fort Bend judges to find a replacement  for juvenile director Mike Meade. From most accounts, Meade was an excellent director,  although some employees have expressed their dislike of him and accuse him of doing them like the judges did him. You know, turn about fair play.

But now this committee has to meet and sort through resumes. I hope getting rid of Meade was worth it

About every 10 years the judges fire the juvenile head  so I guess it was Meade’s time. I wish we could get rid of some of the judges about every 10 years as they usually run without opponents. About the only way to do it is to run as a Republican, and in the primary dig up every dirty case the judges have adjudicated. The cases are there and the lawyers know it. They are afraid to run because if they lose after throwing the true dirt, they are finished in Fort Bend County.

Now this IS fun…….This weekend is the Fort Bend Chamber’s Wine and Food celebration.

What an affair! On Friday there is THE GRAND TASTING at 7 p.m. at the Sugar Land Marriott.

Saturday is the SIP & STROLL at Imperial in Sugar Land. It starts at 1 p.m. and lasts till 4 p.m.

Then on Sunday  there is the BISTRO BRUNCH at Sugar Land Town Square. It is 11 am to 2 pm.

Call the chamber at 281-491-0800 if you still need tickets. You can attend one event or all of them.

B.K. Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend/Southwest Star. She can be reached at

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