Two subdivisions hit by car burglars

By LeaAnne Klentzman 

The gated community of Graysone Lakes. which is in the northern area of Fort Bend County just south of Katy, was the scene of over 20 car burglaries.

According to Sheriff’s reports, residents in the Grayson Lakes community began to report the break-ins as early as 4:44 a.m. on April 25. By the end of the day, over 20 reports had been taken when the last call was logged just before 11 pm. that night.

No information on suspects was available, however one must keep in mind that many of the cars were not locked, nor were any suspicious persons or activity reported. These cases remain under investigation.

The following morning about 2 am, residents of the unincorporated area of New Territory (outside Sugar Land city limits) began to call in reports of car burglaries in that neighborhood. To date about 10 either car burglaries or criminal mischiefs have been reported.

No suspect information was available on those cases either. Nor was there suspicious activity reported in the area. Also, many of the vehicles were not secured in this criminal episode as in Grayson Lakes.

Anyone with information on any of these cases is asked to contact Fort Bend County Crime Stoppers at 281-342-TIPS.

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2 Comments for “Two subdivisions hit by car burglars”

  1. otocantu

    I will be very candid, so if you are easily offended do not continue reading this comment.

    They broke in and stole items from over 24 cars in our neighborhood last week. All cars were unlocked so the alarms did not sound. Many blame the cops stating on Facebook the sheriff is not doing anything and “not paying attention.” WELLLLLL!!! I guess it is too hard to press the lock button on your car’s remote and keep the garage doors closed.

    Let’s be honest, stupid things happen to stupid people and stupid people do not take personal responsibility to be safe so they will keep attracting thieves since they know they are so easy. One guy has been hit three to four times always leaving valuables visible including cash! It is not a crime to leave a car unlocked with visible valuables like cash, BUT DO NOT EXPECT THEM TO BE THERE WHEN YOU RETURN…

    Being safe starts with the homeowner, not with the Sheriff’s Office Deputies. If they lock their doors, activate the home and car alarms and close the garage door when not in use minimize the risk of theft or worse.

    I guess the safety of their families does not mean anything, but it is too easy to blame the sheriff deputies for supposedly not doing their work when they are doing their work and trying to get the bad guys and keep us safe.

    However, PREVENTION a better deterrent of crime but it starts with personal responsibility, and for some it is easier to blame others for their lack thereof… I guess for some it is easy to blame others than to press the lock/alarm button on your car’s remote…

    Dr. Oto Cantu

  2. otocantu

    By the way, I offered the community association I would purchase and donate three surveillance cameras, one for each of the two entrances and one for the club house, FOR FREE with no strings attached. When other homeowners demanded the cameras, the Association Board refused and told the community they did not have a budget for the surveillance cameras. There may be up to three separate groups some doing vandalizing, some breaking in and burglarizing garages and vehicles.

    I was told some of the vandals who painted graffiti and damaged community property may be living here so they do not want their kids in jail.

    Even after giving them cameras for free and telling some homeowners to keep their garages closed and car alarms on they do not do it.

    The sheriff’s office might get lucky if they discover video from stores where they might have used credit cars or tried to sell the stolen items, but it would have been easier if a car alarm would go off and they would have called 911 preventing other dozens of burglaries.

    I find it totally unfair that some homeowners decided to post in Facebook the police is not “paying attention” when they are irresponsible and refuse to do their part. That is why I say it is easier for them to blame the police than to press their car alarm button.

    A great deal of homeowner education in being defensive must be done so we act like a team against vandals. Blaming others for their lack of responsibility will certainly NOT solve the problem. Safety starts with personal responsibility to do our part and be on the defensive.

    Dr. Oto Cantu

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