Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 05/08/13

Problem solved…..A few weeks ago I was griping about not being able to access the county’s web site because I had a Mac, and the county’s web site didn’t like it.  I complained to Annie Elliott, the county’s district clerk, who was in possession of the files I wanted to view on line.

Finally someone from her office wrote me a curt note that said to the effect–too bad if you have a Mac. Either get a different computer or drive  over here to use ours. 

About that point Dianne  Wilson happened to call me and I unloaded on her and accused the district clerk (Dianne is the COUNTY clerk) of having a cozy relationship with the vendor. Dianne informed me that the vendor was the same  for her office and all the JP offices in addition to the constables. In other words,  the entire county’s web site–judicial that is–was in the power of this vendor. However, Dianne was sure there must be a solution.

Later in the afternoon  some young man from the county’s IT department called me and said he had a Mac and he had figured out how to use it to view all the county’s stuff on line. It was a simple matter of holding down a certain key. So for five years I hadn’t been holding down the right key.

I didn’t get the young man’s name or if I did and wrote it down, now I can’t find it.

Anyway, I wanted to inform you that I take back a lot of what I said that week.

Arrogance, thy name is Sugar Land…….I think it’s a bit arrogant for Sugar Land to install a whole bunch of red light cameras the very week a group of its tax-paying citizens presented the city with a valid petition to remove what they already had.

Over the months, we’ve had letters from people who think the red light cameras are a good thing and decrease accidents. We’ve also heard from people who think they are wrong.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m for certain cameras. If not for cameras, we would not have caught the Boston Marathon bombers so quickly, and they were planning on doing much more harm.

England uses a lot of cameras, and their crime rate is lower for it.

So I guess I believe in cameras in the first place. After all, if you are not doing anything bad, why worry about cameras?

Now that I think about it, one can extrapolate cameras everywhere and red light cameras also. If you believe in one, you almost have to believe in the other.

However  I can’t help but believe that the city does it to make money.

But according to Assistant City Manager Steve Griffin, Sugar Land makes about $250,000 per year on all its red light cameras. For the city of Sugar Land, that’s chicken feed. Hardly worth the money if that is what they are doing it for. The company that provides the cameras and also the expenses associated with sending out the notices and collecting the money  gets 50% of the money and the city gets the other 50%. Of the city’s 50%,  the state of Texas gets half of that. So the city gets to keep about 1/4th of the revenue. The city now has 7 red light cameras.

Sometimes I don’t remember….I forget just how far right a lot of people in Fort  Bend really are. Someone told me just the other day that an acquaintance of theirs still called President Obama the “N” word. And a school board member told me that I would be surprised at how  many people in Fort Bend thought we should arm teachers.

Are they crazy? More guns just means more chances for an accident. Why our own sheriff shot himself in the foot demonstrating gun safety as did the gun safety expert in Stafford who did it during a demonstration.

I love it that some people think the government (read Obama) is secretly buying up all the bullets. I hope they are. Last I heard, one had to travel to Wharton to buy bullets as there were none within a 25 mile radius of Houston  and that includes Fort Bend.

I remember Chris Rock suggested during his comedy act that if we made bullets $100 each, we might be able to curtail some gun violence. I’m beginning to think something Chris Rock said in jest might be just the thing. It’s getting pretty bad when Chris Rock makes more sense than anyone else.

Yes, I know. I’m an unrepentant liberal.

B.K. Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend/Southwest Star. She can be reached at

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