Some’s Hot, Some’s Not 05/15/13

The ABCs of elections…..Saturday’s school board election in Lamar CISD (Richmond and Rosenberg’s school district) which promised to be hotly contested turned out to be downright trashy.

Let me tell you how. A brother/sister duo, Rodney Vannerson and sis Karen Vannerson Pearson Vannerson got involved with recruiting candidates and raising money to help candidates. Rodney owns a bail bond agency like his father before him and Karen is a political consultant.

Ostensibly Rodney, who lives in Lamar CISD, got involved because he claimed that the district illegally destroyed some emails he asked for (to what end I still don’t know). Karen got involved in my opinion to make money since her patio home in Sugar Creek is being foreclosed on due to non payment of FBISD taxes. I just looked up the court case and the tax bill hasn’t been paid. Of course I would like to know how her good friend and sometimes lawyer Mike Elliott got court appointed to her case. Can’t she take any other writ twit like the rest of us?

Actually, their opponents claimed they (the Vannersons) got involved because they and others wanted to rezone their subdivisions. You see, many of the new subdivisions want to be zoned into either  George Ranch High School or Foster High School. Due to some anomaly which I don’t have room to go into in this space, older high school Lamar is zoned right in the middle of a whole bunch of new subdivisions, which would explain why Perry Homes donated $30,000 to Rodney’s “Whistle PAC.” (Look right here to see the way the district has inserted Lamar High School right in the middle of

For those new readers, PAC stands for “political action committee” and is formed and operates under a whole bunch of rules and laws.

A little background here: Rodney and Karen grew up right next door to Sugar Creek Country Club. Their father, now deceased, was a long-time bail bondsman in Houston and evidently made quite a lot of money doing it. However, maybe it wasn’t enough as his wife started canoodling with a retired well-known astronaut back when things like that mattered in Houston. He was one of the original ones. The astronaut and Vannerson got into a car bumping fight in their expensive cars on the Southwest Freeway which made the leading gossip column at the time “Maxine Messinger.” When Mrs. Vannerson left Mr. Vannerson for the astronaut, Karen sued him for alienation of her mother’s affection. I promise I am not making this up.

So Karen and Rodney have the mark who has paid them or will pay their PAC, but now they need candidates.

Word has it that they ran up and down the streets of Richmond and Rosenberg looking for candidates, any candidates.

Caught and thrown in jail……Now here’s where it gets downright trashy. During the campaign, signs belonging to the political opponents of the Vannersons kept disappearing. In one incident, Richmond Police caught Rodney and a current school board member, Dar Hakimzedeh, lurking around signs at 10:30 at night. When questioned, they said they were “checking” on signs.

But a night shortly after that Richmond Police caught Rodney with one sign in his hand and his other hand pulling up another sign. Again, Dar was lurking in the background but smartly  didn’t have his hands on a sign. They arrested Rodney and took him to jail. I can only guess that he was bonded out by his own bail bond company.

Several years ago, Rodney came before the Fort Bend Bail Bond Board and wanted to name his new bonding company “Naked Lady Bail Bonding.” Needless to say, he was refused. I tell you this story to illustrate Rodney’s general mind set. He says he named his PAC the “Whistle PAC” to blow the whistle on Lamar CISD. It seems to me that Rodney needs to blow the whistle on himself.

And Bob Perry is dead. Who in his organization is trying to keep his tradition of buying elections alive?

It’s a sad shame because at least Bob had higher aspirations. He financed a governor (Rick Perry, for years) and scuttled a president (John Kerry was “swift boated” by Perry’s money and we got Bush again who continued with his profligate spending ways and getting us into wars all over the Middle East.) So, my how the mighty has fallen. Can’t even get a majority on the school board elected.

I don’t know why Katheryn Kaminiski took their money. (She’s the only one of the Vannerson’s candidates who won.) She has operated a leading day care center in Rosenberg for over 30 years and knows just about every parent in Lamar CISD and half the kids who are voting age now call her “MeMa.” She didn’t need their money and actually by taking it, gave them an air of legitimacy.

Over the years, I’ve often wondered why candidates hired Karen Vannerson Pearson Vannerson. Now I guess I know. They hire her to keep her brother from stealing their signs.

B.K. Carter is the owner/publisher of the Fort Bend/Southwest Star. She can be reached at

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