I’m Sick and Tired… 06/05/13

…of government taxing and spending and wasting being called investments

I am sick and tired of democrats using the phrase “investment” when all they are talking about is spending OUR money. Government doesn’t invest one red cent. This goes beyond the pale of political correctness. There is nothing correct about it.

Of course I’m sick of any politician that uses that phrase instead of spending. You noticed I said democrat, but some republicans use it too. Maybe republicans only use the phrase ‘spending taxpayer’s money’ when the congress is controlled by democrats.

You see, words mean things and when they say they are investing, that is just an out and out lie. They are just basically being dishonest, that is all. You and I invest. Government never invests. They spend and waste and increase the largesse of bureaucracies that waste more of our hard earned money, year after year, after year. And I do mean hard earned.

We work very hard for our salary and income and then we use some of that money to invest. We invest in stocks and bonds and real estate and mutual funds and 401Ks and our own small businesses and when we do, if we are so inclined, we sell that investment for a profit that we then take and invest in something else.

The government buys real estate in the form of commercial buildings and then, when they want to move out to a better building, they leave that building vacant, which in many instances could be sold for a profit. The Washington Times reports that over 55,000 vacant federal buildings and offices have cost taxpayers $8 billion to date. Not per year, but to date. So, the big fat bloated federal government is just cranking out our money paying for empty buildings and offices.

We don’t take money away from people like the government does and then call that money “invested” because I’m sending my kid to college with it. When you pay your kids college tuition do you say every semester, ‘here is that investment money’? No, you say I want to pay this TUITION BILL so my kid can get an education and hopefully make a better life for him or herself.

You notice that you never hear a local politician use that stupid phrase. Even school board members and superintendents don’t say ‘we need to invest more’ in our public schools. Mayors and city council members don’t say we need to invest in these streets or that water treatment plant. I think they know they are SPENDING our money and not investing our money.

Any politician that says investment when what they are really doing is spending our money is just lying to you because they don’t want to admit they are spending OUR money? What kind of person does this? Is this a person with integrity, honesty or leadership? No. I think not. They are charlatans that want nothing more than admiration and power.

Oh yeah, I’m also sick and tired of these career politicians dying in office. Mostly senators. Why do these usually democrat states continually reelect these old farts that are usually good for nothing.

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