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Reader says Boy Scout’s letter to the editor is false

Dear Editor,

Although our system of government should allow all political opinions, even from young citizens like the Boy Scout from Quail Valley (who recently wrote an opinion against assault weapons and high capacity magazines),

I should like to set the record straight.  I am the first to acknowledge the fundamental goodness that is represented by our Boy Scouts.  But they, too, can be misguided.  His assertion that these items are not used for hunting or self-defense is totally false.  Many citizens enjoy hunting with assault weapons and high capacity magazines.  There is no better example than going feral hog shooting.

As far as self-defense, I saw a young woman testify to Congress that she could not handle a substantial pistol of a caliber designed for serious self-defense, nor a long rifle, nor a shotgun due to her petite size.  But she explained how an AR15 model was small enough for her, easy to wield, and she successfully used it to defend herself and her children against a home invader. On the same program, a gun store owner testified that  had he and his 2 employees not had high capacity pistols, they could not have successfully defended an invasion of 3 criminals that entered his store to rob them with THEIR high capacity magazines.

Just to set the record straight, the 2nd Amendment, as supported by the Supreme Court, fully supports the people in having semi-automatic assault styled weapons, primarily NOT for hunting, competition, collection, target practice, etc………….but for the plain and simple abstract right of the people to defend themselves from a tyrannical government that has lost its ability to follow the Constitution.  We are living closer to that premise today than during my 67 years of life.

Charles J. Neilson MD
Sugar Land

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