Resident livid over euthanizing 4 month old puppies at animal shelter

Dear Editor,

I would like to submit a story that captures the horrific events that occurred yesterday, June 26, 2013.  For the past week and half, several of my colleagues had reported seeing a beautiful Jack Russell Terrier crossing the intersection at Hwy 6 and University Blvd..   It wasn’t until Monday, June 25, that I had a close encounter with the beautiful dog. When I spotted her, I set out a bowl of food and water. I didn’t want to frighten her.

So, I took some time in researching the various animal rescue groups in the Fort Bend County area.  Eventually, I came across Sharon Rode’s group, Save Our Strays – Fort Bend County.  Sharon was absolutely fantastic in responding to my inquiry about rescuing and saving the life of this poor dog.   Sharon drove all the way over to my place of employment and met with me to get an idea of the dog’s description, route, and provided me with a plan of how we could attempt to rescue the dog.

After we had devised our next course of action, Sharon had begun driving over to the HEB location across the way.  Suddenly, she noticed that a white van marked with the Animal Control logo was parked near the HEB gas station.  It appeared that they were setting a trap to catch the same dog.   So, Sharon got out of her vehicle and began telling the Animal Control Representative, Shay “Trish” Faulkner, that she and I were working on rescuing this dog.  According to Shay, they told us that they had been searching for this dog for over 2 months now.  However, what didn’t make sense is that yesterday was the first day that Animal Control had ever set a trap up to catch this dog.  Why all of a sudden?

Sharon had informed Shay that I was interested in adopting and giving this dog a second chance and a new loving home.  Shay agreed that she would come across the street and meet with me, after they had finished setting up the trap.

When Shay arrived to meet me, we exchanged a cordial handshake.  I told her that I had been very concerned about this dog because she appeared to have been nursing puppies.  My co-workers and I had set out on many trips in the area, in an attempt to rescue her and her puppies.  However, Shay went on to tell me that Animal Control had already taken custody of the puppies and they didn’t know what had happened to them.  So, I decided to go a step further and asked who runs the Animal Shelter in the Sugar Land area.  Shay had told me to speak with Kathryn Ketchum, Animal Services Manager – Sugar Land.

So, when I called Kathryn Ketchum, to inquire about the puppies, she had told me that they were 4 months old and they were very aggressive.  Therefore, they were euthanized.  I was livid and devastated by the news.  I inquired to Katherine, how can 4 month old puppies be aggressive.  These puppies were of the Jack Russell Terrier breed and at 4 months, they hadn’t even developed their teeth.  She could not give me any further rationale on why they had euthanized these puppies.  This is absolutely horrific.  Animal Protection Services is using taxpayers money to euthanize and send these perfectly healthy puppies to their death.

Animal Protection was able to trap the mother of the puppies.  She was dehydrated and so terrified, when we witnessed Animal Control transporting her to their facilities located on 101 Gillingham Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77478.  When I stopped to talk with one of the Animal Control Representatives, she introduced herself as Kathryn Ketchum.

She then recalled speaking with me over the phone earlier that day.  I explained to Kathryn that I was working with Sharon to rescue this mother dog.  And I was only wanting to provide her with a loving and caring home.  I provided Kathryn with my business card and asked if I could call into their facilities and inquire about the dog.  She said that I could call or visit the dog, however, if I did pay her a visit, I couldn’t touch or get close to the dog, especially since she is county property.  Hopefully, the mother dog will survive this horrific experience and I will be able to adopt her.  I just had to share my story because animals deserve to be heard and I want to be their voice.

Jessica Flaxman

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