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Have gun must conceal

By LeaAnne Klentzman

Six hundred eighty three bills were passed during the 83rd Texas Legislature and many took affect September 1, 2013.

The law that has garnered the most attention is the changes in the Concealed Handgun Licenses. As of Sunday, a concealed handgun licensee is no longer required to sit through 10-15 hours of mind-numbing classroom training; it has now been reduced to 4-6 hours of information that just might change your life in the off chance you ever use that weapon.

While classroom time has changed, the range time has not; an applicant must still show proficiency at the firing range. Yep, it appears that sport’n that hog-leg with a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) is all the rage. Heck, a Bill to prevent Texans from “Carrying” using a license from another state was left in committee, so if a Texan doesn’t want to sit through that four hours of training, they can just apply online to another State, with even fewer requirements, then obtain a license there and use it here, in Texas.

There are 41 states that recognize CHL reciprocity with Texas CHL laws. However, it appears that the West Coast and many of the New England states are not so welcoming.

Yep, the Second Amendment is alive and well and coming to a grocery checkout near you.

Imagine if everyone was armed. Well, this IS Texas, and you can bet most are, with a license or without. So, just think about this – that neighbor, the one you think is so…silly. Imagine being behind her in the checkout line at the grocery store. Her toddler is acting a fool in the rumble seat of the basket; knocking cereal boxes out onto the floor, then you realize, as Momma is gathering up those boxes, she’s pack’n a pistol. Yep, there she is with heat on her hip. Really? She can’t control the kid, and she is licensed to throw bullets at unimaginable speed throughout the store! Oh, and don’t go there – you men are just as bad.

We all know, this is Texas where men are men and road kill is prevalent. Most home grown Texans have grown up with guns; they are familiar with them but often lack a real respect for their power. So, quite frequently they suffer from an occasional accidental discharge. Yes, sad to say but even in police agencies all across this county many a refrigerator, desk, file cabinet, or air duct have given their all for cops with an inadvertent discharge. And by the way, cops are well trained and qualify with guns regularly! The change in the amount of training time will only affect those who don’t really know or understand the use of deadly force.

That being said, the use of such deadly force affects all of us who roam the same streets, grocery aisles, shopping centers and neighborhoods.

So now that we have the mundane out of the way, let’s get to the real meat of this subject; What to carry with your gun!

It’s all about the ensemble. For you guys, a nice leather holster tucked quietly into the waistband of your trousers in a nice touch; however there is always the other option, the shoulder-holster. That pancake holster, you might want to re-think that, just say’n.

And for the ladies, you are NEVER going to achieve that fashion statement you are looking for without the proper accessories. I beg you, never, never ever put a gun in your purse and expect to use it as a weapon. Unless, you intend to hit someone with it! Inside that handbag, you are only ruining the strap on your purse and your shoulder. That gun needs to be carried on your person. Inside a handbag, you are only arming the crook that steals your purse. Just say’n, the chances of you realizing that you are in jeopardy and having enough time to find your pistol in your purse, and take action – well, the chances are slim to none. So, now you are faced with holstering a concealed weapon.

About a year or so ago, I saw the perfect CHL accessory, Yep, it is Raspberry and ever so clever. It is a .380 caliber and made by a reputable gun manufacturer that could be set off with a nice zebra holster, yes’m now you have yourself a true fashion statement! And the crook you are going to arm with it, when they take it away – after your 4 hours of training…well, the woman in his life will appreciate it too.

There are some issues the Legislature forgot. Like how about giving the citizenry a heads up by making that handgun licensee carry that hog-leg where we can all see it? Shouldn’t the public have the right to know who’s pack’n…. so we can get away? Or at least contemplate where to tuck and roll if shooting starts and who ‘s got the guns.

While the four hours of classroom training will not stop accidental discharges, or stupid mistakes, it does reduce the amount of time that the CHL instructor can impress upon their students how pulling the trigger of a gun will forever change their lives. Few are against using deadly force in the protection of life but even in those circumstances that action lives with an individual forever.

In Texas, as in many other states carrying a gun is a personal choice, and with a CHL a legal one. However, the ramifications of that choice will have an effect on you, your family, and the entire community. Carrying and using a firearm can be a very heavy burden.

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