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By LeaAnne Klentzman 

Tap, tap, shuffle ball step, and now we have it, the names and numbers of the County’s most valuable dance teams. Times have got to be getting better OR we need to hang on to our shorts because unless Commissioner’s Court has found a money tree – tax rates are going to soar. Last week we told you we were eagerly awaiting the records for the every 2013 reclassified position and the employees who fill them. Well, without further adieu here they are. (The documents provided by Fort Bend County are available with this column below)

Fort Bend Co. Judge’s staff

At the top of the list are the three changes for Fort Bend County Judge’s staff. He has upgraded his Community Relations, Administrative Assistant and Budget Administrator’s positions. Each went up one Grade and at least a couple of Steps, in government speak, that equals more money and more opportunity, however at least his job requirements are higher than a GED. His Community Relations Manager went from 12/6 at 28.21 per hour to 13/11 @ 36.98 per hour. The Budget Manager went from 12/7 @ 28.87 to 13/12 @37.85, leaving his Administrative Assistant to go from 9/6 @ 16.74 to 10/11 @ 20.46. In that office alone Fort Bend County Judge Robert (Bob) Herbert gave his top two employees well over $16,000 per year raise; before the cost of living raise which reportedly will go on top of that. Now that’s a real twirl!

Precinct 1

Pct 1 Commissioner Richard Morrison had two upgrades; his Administrative Assistant was upgraded from 9/12 @ 19.23 to 10/11 @ 20.46 ($1.23 per hour raise), his Staff Director went from 12/16 @ 35.68 to 13/12 @ 37.85 (@2.17 per hour).

Precinct 2

Pct 2 Commissioner Grady Prestage bumped his top three employees, all female, one Executive Assistant went from 11/14 @29.34 to Community Relations 12/14 @ 34.40 an hour. The other Executive Assistant became a Project Manager with the same step and grade as her associate. The top recipient in Prestage’s office was his Staff Director who went from 12/16 @ 35.68 to 13/12 @ 37.85 per hour.

Precinct 3

Aside from the County Judge, Pct 3 Commissioner Andy Myers’ had the largest boosts to employees pay. Two are newbies. His new Project Manager, with less than 1 year of service to the citizens of the county, was boosted from 12/15 @ 34.76 to Chief of Staff at 13/11 @ 36.98 per hour. Myers also blessed his two Executive Assistants with new titles and better pay. One, also a relatively new hire, went from 11/11 @ 27.37 to Community Relations Manager at 12/7 @ 29.24 and the other Executive Assistant, a looong time county employee, became a Project Manager going from 11/11 @ 27.37 to 12/7 @ 29.24.

Precinct 4

Pct 4 Commissioner James Patterson wins the austerity award this week. Patterson bumped his Administrative Assistance from a 9/5 @16.36 to 10/11 @ 20.46. Does that make him fiscally responsible or cheap? You decide.

Other than Commissioner’s Court feathering the top part of their nests, many of the lawyers working at the District Attorney’s Office as Attorney 1 were boosted up to a whopping $30 per hour, two or three are actually up to $33 per hour. That folks is embarrassing and they are required to have more than a stink’n GED!

Many in the Risk Management and Human Resources offices were boosted; requiring specific training and certification. One thing that was very interesting in reviewing the specific job requirements for the Law Librarian was the requirement to have a “valid driver’s license.” Could a mobile Law Library be on the horizon? Nah, but strange all the same. However, there is now a Mobile Device Administrator who was upgraded from $18 and change to $20 and change, although there was no specific mention of a valid driver’s license on his job description.

Understand, it is not that anyone is opposed to a raise for county employees; it is the manner in which it is being done. It is wonderful for these hard working public servants to be recognized for their hard work with a significant pay raise, but it only went to a select few, leaving the bulk of those hard working folks left out. Time for the Who You Know mentality to go….

Listen…. tap, tap, tap… could that be your new sheriff dancing around the Civil Service Rules?

We shall see.

Until the tap dance is over…..

To view the documents, click the links below:

Current job Descriptions

Job descriptions for Reclassifications – draft


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