The Afterburner 10/09/13

By LeaAnne Klentzman 

Tap, tap, tap…that is the sound of citizens banging their heads against a brick wall in an effort to get help from Fort Bend County Animal Control. Some things get better with time, not so with Fort Bend County Animal Control.

Remember several years ago when a Needville family discovered a skunk roaming their property one Sunday morning? After many a frustrated exchange with the Sheriff’s Office and Fort Bend Animal Control, the skunk was dispatched to the hereafter and placed in a box to be tested for rabies. Only Animal Control refused to come get the skunk.

So, what’s a girl to do… she called a friend, who knew a friend who worked at the paper – BAM! – It was a Stink’n Road Show. The frustrated Needvilleite and a Star reporter took a spin over to then Sheriff Milton Wright’s humble abode and asked since his staff couldn’t help, maybe he could hold the vermin until Animal Control could make it by during work hours of course. As you might imagine, he was less than inclined to keep the box o’ stink’n skunk.That was a couple years ago, but this is Fort Bend County and things never really seem to change much.

So again, imagine our surprise when a woman is violently mauled by a dog in a northern Fort Bend town that utilizes the services of Animal Control and again, they are far less than helpful. Fortunately, there was a police chief that got on the ball and took care of his citizens. But, here we are again with a government agency that doesn’t have a clue about customer service. Animal Control is not autonomous; they answer to the good doctors over at Health and Human Services.

Doctor Kaye Reynolds drew the short straw and had to deal with this issue, again. Unfortunately the wipe the citizen from the bottom of your shoe attitude of the folks over at Animal Control has again brought them to the forefront. Time for changes Commissioners, your people need to be free to walk the streets of this county and not be mauled by dogs and if they are, the stink’n dog people, who drive dog trucks HOME, need to be Dog-gone-it on the spot…On the spot with a can-do attitude! Dr. Reynolds we are counting on you.

Is Public Service and oxymoron? Talk about people who don’t know the first thing about customer service, where do we start? Washington, heck there aren’t enough Yellow Ryder trucks to clean that mess up. Yes, that is terribly insensitive but really, right now the only thing worth saving there is the monuments.

The house of Representatives is not representing any of us. Have you tried to call there lately? Try it; you get thrown into Dante’s Inferno (ALL the realms of Hell) …if you know your party’s extension please enter it now, if you would like to hear… call Washington, call Fort Bend County both are the same. Since we are not being served anyway, let’s just have ourselves a revolution and destroy ALL the answering devices forcing Officials, you know the ones we elect to serve, and the minions they hire as public servants, to answer the stink’n phone. It’s the least they can do.

George Orwell must have had a wormhole into the future. In 1984 he warned us…Big Brother, eyes in the sky, Talking Heads, go ahead, pick your news channel and “Doublethink” where citizens are expected to embrace inconsistent concepts without dissent, while willingly giving up liberty and freedom for some kind of unattainable security, HA! We just thought he was a Science Fiction writer.

All the tapping is gone, it’s only the sound of the silence in the vast no man’s land of public service.

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