I’m Sick and Tired… 10/23/13

…of the president telling us that Obamacare is going to lower our health care costs

This ridiculous 2,000 page health care law that now includes 10,000+ more pages of regulations had nothing to do with saving me money on my health care. It was part of his and the rest of the socialist democrats diabolical plan to turn the U.S. health care system into socialized medicine (single-payer). There is no argument about that at all. He stated those exact words in recorded interviews when he was a state senator in Illinois.

In addition, the extreme leftist democrats that run the Democrat Party are all on video “bragging” that they are seeking, hope to end up with, will not be happy until the U.S. only has single-payer health care (socialized medicine).

My companies health care plan costs have increased every year for 10 years. Now with Obamacare’s mandates and regulations if you think our health care bill is decreasing… guess again. When the American public finally catches their snap and are on the verge of revolt all those republicans and democrats will say they are going to “fix it” not by repealing the entire act, but instead by making it a single-payer system. They will claim that is the only “fix”.

The leftist democrat president claimed the Affordable Care Act would save an individual $2500 per year on their current health care costs. Costs are actually going to be $7,500 MORE annually. That is a $10,000 spread or difference between what the extremist president said and what his policy caused.

The president is a leftist that wants to redistribute wealth. Obamacare wasn’t designed to lower MY health care costs at all. It was intended to increase the costs to everybody that has company sponsored health care plans while paying a subsidy for low wage workers that sign up for one of the government exchange plans. By making every health care policy accept people with pre-existing conditions, the government is making all insurance policies cost more.

A 25-year-old adult that does not have insurance through his employer (either because he opts out of the employer provided plan or the employer can’t afford to offer health care) will not pay for an exchange policy and instead will pay the $95 fine for the first year.

Millions and millions of these “very low risk” youths will not enroll in the government plan. This skews the risk-pool when only 18-year-old girls that are eight months pregnant enroll in the best plan offered with the lowest deductible and have a baby a month later. She will have paid 1-month of premiums and with the lowest deductible will owe very little for the health care received.

All you fiscally conservatives that support Obamacare have suffered the worst insult to the American electorate. This president signed an executive order that subsidized 72% of the health care premium cost of congress and their aids. Their rationale used to justify this is that it would result in a “brain-drain” in their staffs! I cannot type this without laughing. I kid you not! Their staffs would be drained of all that “brain power”!!!

If they have that much brain power, then they can get a job in the private sector making more money and find out how much their employer pays of their health care premium costs.

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