I’m Sick and Tired… 10/30/13

That was an out and out lie when he said it five years ago and it has been a lie while he has been saying it for the past three years after Obamacare was past… and he knew it was a lie.

Millions and millions of happy policyholders are being notified that their “low-cost” policy they have been perfectly happy with does not meet the minimum standards that Obamacare says every healthcare policy must include. That would include making their policy include maternity coverage for 50-year-old men and women.

As many as 11 million people will not be allowed to keep their plan because of Obamacare. This healthcare act was designed to cancel low cost policies that, after including unwanted coverage’s, would force individuals to pay MUCH more for a new policy. This diabolical president wants all these millions and millions of people to be forced to look to the so-called healthcare exchanges and shop for their healthcare coverage there.

Originally any and all individual healthcare policies were suppose to be grandfathered even if they did not meet the minimum standard. Then the 10,000+ pages of regulations were written after the law was passed which made it almost impossible to grandfather a 2010 policy. Some insurance policy experts predict that 50% to 75% of individual healthcare policies will be cancelled due to Obamacare.

When these people go to the government sponsored healthcare exchanges they will pay up to four times the healthcare premium that they were previously paying for a policy with similar coverage. Low-income individuals will get a huge subsidy to make their policy ‘the cost of a cell phone bill’ according to the president.

Prior to Obamacare didn’t these people just sign up for Medicare? If they accidently ingested poison or cut their finger off they went to a hospital emergency room and were not sent into bankruptcy, which has been the drum beat of the Obama regime.

Media outlets and this extremist president told us repeatedly that there were 30 million uninsured citizens. Did anyone ever ask them if they wanted healthcare insurance? I think not. Millions of these “uninsured people” were healthy individuals that do not want a health policy that they think they would not use. If they had opted out of an employer-sponsored plan, it was probably because they didn’t think they needed it so why should they pay the employee portion.

These young, healthy people are the ones the liberal Obama regime targeted with a fine (now, magically transformed into a tax by the Supreme Court) if they didn’t sign up on a government exchange or get on their employer’s plan. Well, the first year’s fine was only $95. So, for less than $8 per month they can agree to be fined or pay the employee portion or the “subsidized” premium on bronze, silver or gold policy on a government exchange. If all this sounds convoluted and confusing to you, what do you think it sounds like to a 25-year-old, low-information voter?.

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