The Afterburner 10/30/13

By LeaAnne Klentzman  

The battle for our borders comes home. Last Saturday morning Fort Bend residents awoke to learn that a Stafford police officer had been shot, twice, in the line of duty.  She was doing her job and keeping the citizens safe while they slept when she was ambushed by a carload of purported illegals with alleged drug and gang ties.

This evil lurking at the gates of our country and county has tentacles that are entwined with drug cartels and gangs that have been marching north up the South American continent for the last 30 years.  As the Beltway Boys pontificate; we here along the southern border of the United States could use a little help…UNITING…. our border that is.

There are many facets to border security; as a country we have been remiss, as a people we have turned a blind eye. The United States was founded on freedoms, principals, and opportunity by welcoming the Huddled Masses. The problem we seem to be facing now is how to afford those Huddled Masses. Entitlements are way too high and the working population is steadily shrinking. No, not because of slackers but because of lower birth rates and the onset of family planning some 45 years ago, thus the ratio of worker to retiree is drowning us.  We need workers paying into the system … legal ones.

Interestingly, David Dewhurst is calling on the federal government to pay back Texas for housing illegal immigrants that are in the justice system.  That has been a plight for border states for years. Citizen or not, if someone commits a crime, they are headed to the local hoosegow.  That costs money, food, the latest in orange jumpsuits, electricity, and new facilities to house the perpetrators just to name a few which all equals to millions more per year. Want to add that cost to your property tax?

The pitfalls of immigration legislation are as long and deep as the tentacles of the drug cartels.  Immigration to the United States is a business.  To begin with, it employs thousands of bureaucrats, support services for those bureaucrats, enforcers, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, then there are the lawyers for the immigrant, Social Services for immigrates and families, schools, medical attention the list goes on forever.  But realistically, how can this problem be fixed if the Beltway Boys can’t even keep the government running?

Beltway Boys poking at each other and not taking care of business and getting productive legislation passed, like immigration reform, could have very likely robbed a family of their mother, the city of Stafford, and Fort Bend County of a hardworking, tough police officer.  If only the Beltway Boys had the kind of tenacity and commitment that Officer Ann Carrizales exemplified last weekend we could all stand proud. Heck, maybe she can get the borders under control.

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