I’m Sick and Tired… 11/06/13

By Michael Fredrickson

…of this extremist president’s lies and then more lies to cover up his first lie

Now we find out about lie number two on Obamacare. Obama lied repeatedly when he said, “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it, PERIOD,” and if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor too. That is two lies to the American public. Then he said, “We are making the insurance market better for everybody.”

Well he’s not making it better for the millions and millions of healthcare policy holders that were perfectly happy prior to Obamacare and are now getting cancellation notices. But the extremist president doesn’t care about those of us that were happy. We could afford to buy an individual policy or have a job that offers healthcare coverage for full-time workers so we have to be punished.

If, and that is a big if, there were 50 million uninsured Americans, then why is EVERY policy of 280 million insured Americans being changed, affected, cancelled or modified in any way? The diabolical president never intended on those policyholders being ALLOWED to keep the plan they were perfectly happy with prior to the passage of the democrat’s law called the Affordable Care Act.

The reason I said almost is that healthcare policies that are offered by all the big unions are completely unaffected by Obamacare as well as the healthcare coverage that Congressman Pete Olson and Senator John Cornyn enjoy as elected politicians. Obamacare has EXEMPTED themselves and unions from Obamacare. Additionally, these and all other elected officials and their staffs will enjoy having you and me pay 70% of their monthly insurance bill even though these politicians make $174,000 or more annually.

If you or I go to the government healthcare exchanges (because our policy was cancelled) and sign up for any of the plans, we will not get any subsidy to help cover some of the costs since we are not at poverty level or some percentage of poverty level.

The Affordable Care Act has nothing to do with improving healthcare or lowering healthcare costs. This socialist president’s only goal was to punish the 280 million Americans that were perfectly happy with the coverage of their health insurance.

Those of us that will not get any subsidy to pay for a government healthcare exchange policy will not see any cost savings in their health insurance bill. What we will see more of is the higher cost policy from the government web site (the so-called platinum plan) will cover less and cost more than one of the so-called Cadillac plans bought on the individual market just a year or two ago.

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