Reader repulsed by conservative columnists

Dear Editor,

I think I have come to an understanding about my frustration with your paper’s so-called Conservative-columnists.  It is not rooted in my disdain their poor narrative skills or even their unending rants.  It comes from my recognizing that they never, ever say anything Positive.  They offer no solutions, except for “Vote GOP (Tea-Party, NOT establishment GOP)” following a Dem-bad diatribe.

If I believed what they sell than I would have to believe that the US, and indeed the world, is temporally in mid-(NT)Revelations status and that all hope is lost, unless we vote for the Tea Party.

Silly me. I thought we lived in the greatest nation on earth, that there is nothing we can’t overcome when we include ALL of our peoples, that our national glory is founded in our ability to work together for the common good.  I also was raised to believe that one-party nations always fail and that all human relationships thrive only in an environment of mutual respect.

That’s why these columnists repulse me.

P.A. Moye

“Star” Publisher responds …

Thank you Mr. Moye for reading my column.

What repulses me are politicians whose sole purpose is to get re-elected by spending our hard-earned tax money and want to “fundamentally transform” the freest nation on earth that has ever existed into some utopian society!

You can’t include ALL of our people when that includes socialists and America haters.

I’m sick and tired of traffic. I don’t have to offer any solution to solving traffic problems. I’m not in charge anyway.

My so-called conservative column is about what I am sick and tired of. How could I be sick and tired about anything that is positive?

I do offer solutions to extremist, socialist politicians… stop electing them.

What is so sad about Obama apologists is, that even when the health insurance policy that they were perfectly happy with is cancelled and the company replaces it with an Obama approved policy, and that policy costs twice as much, and has a deductible that is twice as high, and their first response is to lower or somehow defer income so they can qualify for a subsidy.

At the same time they support and root for this socialist president… oh yeah, they want all of us to pay a part of their healthcare bill. Birds of a feather.

Michael Fredrickson

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