I’m Sick and Tired… 11/20/13

…of Kool-Aid drinkers that continue to defend the indefensible…

This extremist president lied to get elected and continues to lie to this day.

Remember when he said he would enact a healthcare bill that would lower the average annual family health care bill by $2,500. Instead, the average annual health insurance policy is going to cost $7,500 MORE. That is $10,000 more than what he promised for health insurance premium costs.

During his 2008 campaign he promised to cut the deficit in half in his first term, or he would deserve a second term. The only reduction in the deficit is attributable to the so-called sequester that Democrats are still squawking about.

Remember when the extremist president said he would not have lobbyist serve in the White House. What an absolute joke. Obama has hired some of the most entrenched K Street lobbyists including those that have made millions lobbying for Fannie Mae and General Motors that have both received taxpayer funded bailouts.

Two more unfulfilled promises… He would close Gitmo detention facilities and make all the Muslim countries love us.

Gitmo is still open and all the Muslim countries still hate us.

Then there is the big whopper, “If you like your health insurance policy, you can keep it.” Wow! He was lying through his teeth. He was even warned by his own team that the Democrat’s new healthcare law would outlaw almost every individual policy.

Every healthcare policy is renewed annually. So, when these 25 million policies come up for annual renewal, the insurance company has no other option than to inform the policyholder that their previous policy did not adhere to the Democrat’s healthcare law. The president knew that this would be the outcome.

Even though the Democrat healthcare law is the “law of the land”, the president delayed the other shoe from falling when he arbitrarily said the employer mandate portion of the law is delayed one year. There are approximately 100 million policies that are largely paid for by employers and maybe all 100 million of these policies will not conform to the Democrat’s law.

These employer policies will not start to be cancelled till October 2014 or later, just before the November general election. Perhaps this will be too late to affect the outcome of the election.

This socialized medicine bill known as Obamacare was supposed to provide health insurance to 30 million uninsured. They ALL received healthcare when they showed up at an emergency room and none of them filed for bankruptcy. The Kool-Aid drinkers said these costs were just past on to taxpayer by hospital districts or hospitals shifting costs to those with health insurance.

Now these uninsured get health insurance that is some or completely subsidized by us, the taxpayers. The only people filing bankruptcy will be the middle class taxpayers..

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