Response to Republican Editorial Against Obamacare

This is my first time to respond to Michael Fredrickson’s column who is also the owner of the Fort Bend Star,  His“I’m Sick and Tired…” column is entertaining only to like- minded people who revel in his personal insults directed at President Obama on every subject imaginable. In his Nov. 20, 2013 column he makes his  “sick and tired” argument against Obamacare and against the “kool-aid drinkers that continue to defend the indefensible…”

He scornfully concludes in his first sentence, “This socialized medicine bill known as Obamacare was supposed to provide health insurance to 30 million uninsured.” I expected his next remark to be that Obamacare did not do what he promised, since his theme of his previous paragraphs was Obama lies about everything, but that did not happen. Instead, Michael said there was no need to provide them with affordable insurance because the uninsured get free healthcare at emergency rooms. He crowed that none of these uninsured filed for bankruptcy, and scoffed at the notion of the “kool-aid drinkers” that emergency care costs were much higher and less effective or that these costs would be passed along to all citizens though higher taxes and insurance premiums. He finally concluded that Obamacare would result in middle class tax payers suffering bankruptcy because they footed all of the subsidies for the formerly uninsured poor.

Despite Michael’s hard to follow arguments and questionable facts to the contrary, neutral agencies have determined that the ACA will result in a net cost savings and a needed benefit to society as a whole. His comments reflect the fact that most Republican opposition stems from ideology, not pragmatic economic arguments.

The ACA or Obamacare was once a mainstream Republican idea modeled after the Massachusetts Plan and championed by Romney and the once staid Heritage Foundation. It combines consumer protection that restricts insurance companies from insuring only the healthy, and it essentially requires everyone not covered by employer based group plans to purchase individual insurance in a large pool or group with a standard prices and coverage plans, but with government subsidies for the poor.

The primary Republican ideology that drives opposition to the ACA is the belief that access to health care should not be a right and a goal of our society, and that they individually have no public obligation to others, especially based on a notion that the well to do should do more. They call the ACA “socialism” which is a handy epithet for any policy of government assistance; or they argue that the poor are unworthy and undeserving. Other ideological opposition is based on hatred for Obama that goes well beyond just partisan opposition. The bottom line is the economic arguments of the Republicans against Obamacare do not add up, and their ideological arguments put in question their sense of morality. We kool- aid drinkers will continue to support the ACA and be receptive to pragmatic economic arguments to amend and improve it, but we reject the Republican ideology that demands it be repealed.

We hope to continue to respond to Michael Fredrickson’s column if the Star chooses to publish it.

M. E. “Skip” Belt,
President of the Fort Bend
Silver Democrats 11/25/2013

Publisher responds to letter to the editor… 

Skip, I really appreciate you reading my right-wing rant. I was curious to see you did not refer to my column as a right-wing rant. You are just too nice or maybe I’m not doing my job!

I am happy you could follow my sometimes ‘hard to follow arguments’. I’m also glad you could not point out a single  misrepresentation in my column. The leftist president and former community organizer from the state where three governors (Illinois) are or were in prison has done nothing but lie. You can’t keep your current health care plan, he has not cut the deficit in half, he HAS hired lobbyist to serve in the White House, the average family of four will NOT see their annual health insure bill lower by $2,500 and on and on and on.

When the uninsured show up at an emergency room for the flu, that hospital simply shifts that cost to those of us that have insurance. Obamacare shifts costs to those of us that still pay full price for insurance so they can give away (or highly subsidize) health insurance to those with income under 400% ABOVE the poverty line. This extremist president mandated that your (silver democrats) health insurance include pregnancy coverage.

I thought pretty much everybody had already heard that there will still be 31 million uninsured after 10 years of this train wreck known as Obamacare. This is according to the Congressional Budget Office, while you refer to “neutral agencies”.  

Obamacare is not doing what it was designed to do. There, now I said it. It will cost $2.8 trillion over 10 years and not the $900 billion as sold to the American voters and that does not even include the increases in all of our insurance premiums.

Skip, you are the ONLY democrat that actually admits that republicans had an alternative plan! My plan is a complete repeal of Obamacare and replace it with ‘a mainstream Republican idea modeled after the Massachusetts Plan’. I’m sure it would be better than Obamacare..

Michael Fredrickson

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