I’m Sick and Tired… 12/11/13

Response to publisher’s Sick and Tired column

Mr. Fredrickson read Mr. Bolt’s (sic) letter but obviously did not hear anything that he (Bolt) (sic)  said. It took just a few short words to describe the president as a leftist, an extremist, and a lier (sic) just a community organizer from a state where previous governors are or were in prison, as if the president had something to do with that. Guess a Harvard law degree, a US senator, and twice-elected president means nothing.

Then on to all the failures of Obamacare and what it is going to cost over the next 10 years. How can one even begin to talk about failures when the program has not even been implemented? Then on to his plan … simply repeal Obamacare and replace it with ‘ a mainstream Republican idea modeled after the Massachusetts Plan’. Whoa, isn’t that what Republicans and Mitt Romney fought so hard in the last presidential election … that you cannot extend the concepts of the Massachusetts plan to a national level as Obamacare has done? Seems that all we need to do is rename the plan to Republicancare and all will be OK.

Speaking of failures, how about people without insurance or with pre-existing conditions that can now purchase insurance for the first time without fear of illnesses wiping them out financially? Has Mr. Fredrickson ever had to seek medical attention for a family member without insurance at Ben Taub or any charity hospital? I have and it is not a pleasant experience. Some of us out here may like kool-aid, but we ain’t drinking this stuff.

There is nothing wrong in presenting ideology and viewpoints. Just don’t push them as facts.

J. Prestwood
Sugar Land, TX

Publisher responds to letter to the editor… 

Thank you for reading my column. If you are going to drink Kool-Aid daily at least try a different flavor. Obamacare was implemented on October 1, 2013. For three whole years prior to that date the dope smoking, coke snorting president spent $500+ million building a web site that has no way to PAY for the policy by setting up payment procedures for the plan one signs up for.  

I have seen more than one internet company executive on TV state that the web site appears to be a $5 million web site that would take his company six months or less to create. Maybe that swamp that Nancy Pelosi supposedly drained filled up democrat bank accounts.  

Yes, Mr. Prescott if you have a pre-existing condition like diabetes or cancer, an insurance company cannot deny you a policy and now every single policy sold will include an added bonus payment attached to it to cover these “pre-existing condition policies”.   

If Obama mandated that insurance companies must write you an insurance policy when your house is on fire, then everybody else’s insurance cost would immediately increase. This is not insurance.  

I truly am sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience, however I never said it would be pleasant, I just said that emergency rooms couldn’t refuse care based on someone’s ability to pay.  

Michael Fredrickson

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1 Comment for “I’m Sick and Tired… 12/11/13”

  1. dylanbr

    Mr. Frederickson,

    I’ve read some of your columns over the past months. I disagree with most of your political positions and beliefs. Despite this fact, nothing in your prior columns has sparked enough interest in me to respond, primarily because your columns for the most part lack any substance to which I could intelligently respond. Your December 11, 2013 response to J. Prestwood was no different. That column, however, did spark my desire to respond for another reason. Your description of President Obama as a “dope smoking, coke snorting” president was just plain infantile, notwithstanding the President’s admissions of such youthful transgressions.

    My third grade son attends a local Fort Bend elementary school. As I would drop him off from school, I often noticed on the marquee out front a weekly posting of the “character trait of the week” where I recall seeing words like “respectful” or “courteous.” I assume you did not attend one of Fort Bend’s great elementary schools.

    Irrespective of your political beliefs and how they differ from President Obama’s, personally attacking the President for decades old mistakes does nothing to support your poor attempts at substantive arguments. Simply put, it is no different than the childish name-calling that my third grader probably hears every day during recess.

    I challenge you to do two things: (1) see if you can limit a future column regarding “Obamacare” to substantive complaints only; and (2) describe a way to improve, without repealing, the existing law, to the extent you probably agree certain aspects of it are clearly helpful to people, including the pre-existing condition provision, extending coverage for children up to age 26, the provision that requires insurance companies to reimburse the portion of premium payments that are used for non-medical administrative costs, and the financial help it provides to low-income people who could hardly afford the over $600 a month I pay, with a $7000 deductible, for private unsubsidized free-market health insurance.

    Dylan Russell

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