The Afterburner 01/15/14

By LeaAnne Klentzman  

The building of a scandal – The city of Rosenberg has promoted their long time police chief to city manager thus the search is on for a new police chief; one who will answer to the former police chief now city manager. According to insiders, since trying to become competitive with east Fort Bend county cities, Rosenberg has been cooking the crime stat books in their efforts to earn Safe City status. Lo and behold, Rosenberg was proclaimed a Safe City, right there along with Sugar Land and, Missouri City.  Imagine the surprise when a chief cook and bottle washer, over at the Rosenberg Police Department, wrangles himself a seat as the City Manager, which in turn allows him to select the new police chief.

Initially that new chief’s job had standard qualifications; they were posted on the city’s website. Before the day was up, another set of qualifications were posted resending the previous posting. According to those in the know, the new qualifications seemingly exclude all internal employees with the exception of a close personal friend of the former chief now city manager, well, all but he and the poor, beleaguered assistant chief who is currently acting chief.

It might be noted that the qualifications for the new chief, are such that the former police chief now city manager does not qualify. Even so, applications poured in, well over 100 or more.  Then as if my miracle, word began to spread that close personal crony of the former police chief now city manager was in the lead.

Imagine that, a guy who has the reputation of a bully.  The guy who said in an open staff meeting, “I am 99 percent that I will be the next Police Chief,” the guy who has character issues that have plagued west Fort Bend County for years. It might behoove the city of Rosenberg to remember the job of police chief is that of public trust; is there no one available for that job that has not knocked up a subordinate? Are there no candidates that have degrees from accredited Universities?

Interestingly, one of the added job qualifications is a physical fitness test.  Really? Is the city not going to issue the new chief a car?  Is the new chief going to have to run to meetings; drag crime scene evidence back to the police department on their back? Is the former police chief now city manager going to order the new chief to hit the floor and give him 20? Is this what is best for the city or is it what is best for the former police chief now city manager? Why would be he sculpting the job for this crony?

It begs the question, what would motivate the former police chief now city manager to recommend such a person when there were so many qualified people to choose from?  Is this cronyism or something far more nefarious? But wait, if this crony is not the selected, reports are the former police chief now city manager will make crony man part of the new chief’s leadership team.  We shall see, with all the information flooding into the newspaper on this topic, the selection of the new Rosenberg Police Chief just might resemble the ever so popular television series…Scandal. Stay tuned.

Your Legislature ordered it; the Texas Supremes are say’n it’s so

In 2012 the Supreme Court of Texas issued a mandate that ordered e-filing (electronic filing) with County and District Clerks. In the Order they said, “Texas courts have struggled for over a century to process, manage and store court documents.”  They further explained that by reducing the massive paper flow the Clerk’s clerks could spend their time more productively than stamping, sorting and filing paper.  In the Order the Supremes said that new 1990’s technology (computers) was immediately beneficial when tested in Texas Courts. So, here we are 1/1/2014, and we find ourselves just a little past the 1990’s and hurdling across the threshold of full blown e-file with the courts. Now, just so ya’ know, e-filing has been in place and in use for years; however, January 1, 2014 was the drop dead date and when the mandate made it so and the fur… it flew!

Here in the Independent Nation of Fort Bend we don’t need no stink’n Supremes to tell us what to do, No Sir! And to make sure we honored our long standing traditions of arrogance; just days into this New Year, one of our soon to be retiring County Court at Law Judges was threatening to have the County Clerk arrested for not giving him papers. Now, you can imagine all the matter of papers she would love to have given him…but cooler heads prevailed and he was again foiled in his attempts to have her arrested; this isn’t his first try and you can bet won’t be his last before he leaves office in 2 years he will try again, and again, and again…

He’s just like that.  Wags around the Courthouse will tell you that the Clerk told the Judge if he wanted the documents in paper…push the print button! Heard tell, he thought that was contempt. So, just how paperless will we go…

In the study that was cited in the Order issued by the Supremes mandating e-file, they noted that fewer documents were lost or destroyed and even more importantly, the public, judges, lawyers, and clerks had easy immediate access to the government documents that are …remember…Public.

Now, about that paperless thing, dare to dream, but the e-file will greatly reduce the mountains of paper that is piled into the courthouses and then forced into storage. Keep in mind, e-file is NOT ordered in all courts and the lawyers have been getting ready for this for years and they knew, even if they didn’t, the Supremes told them so.  Based on the Order as of 1/1/2014, e-filing is mandatory in the Texas Supreme Court, courts of appeal, district courts, statutory county courts, constitutional county courts, and statutory probate courts based on the county’s population in the 2010 census. Counties with a population of 500,000 or more were forced into mandatory implementation by this January 1.  E-file will become compulsory for all counties across Texas in descending population order by July of 2016.  Welcome to TexFile.

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