The Afterburner 01/22/14

By LeaAnne Klentzman  

Tug’n on Superman’s cape uncovers a week’s worth of shameless self-promotion… Last week we posed a few questions relating to the search for a new Rosenberg police chief. Now one need remember, the former chief is now city manager so he is all over who his predecessor is going to be. We hear tell that after last week’s Afterburner, the former police chief ,now city manager, demanded that the mole be found! Umm hum, all that nice grassy area around the police department, well it looked like an ant bed that had just been run over by a lawnmower…. There were police people all over the grounds walking and talking on their cell phones trying to calm the former chief now city manager in their quest to find the mole… see, one must also understand, they can’t talk inside the building because it’s bugged; you wouldn’t want that kind of behavior or activity recorded where some nosey media types could get their hands on it.

So, while the minions were speed dialing, in their quest for the mole, the former chief, now city manager, and his protégés were having themselves some MGM moments. Yes sir, they scurried to make available recorded footage; some of the most shameless self-promotion that we have seen in a while.

Kudos to the Sergeant who stopped to play catch with the boy at the apartment complex, that footage is heartwarming and wonderful. It’s nice insight into the “routine” of a police sergeant but it begs a few questions… how did this officer’s dash-cam just happen to catch this activity? HE had to activate that camera. You can bet they do not come on by themselves, the timing is interesting. Another question is how did footage from that dash-cam make it to the web? Is it permissible for the city to release dash-cam footage in self-promotion but withhold footage by hiding behind some nefarious law enforcement privilege if they don’t want to release it? Can’t have it both ways kids.

The other footage they slung on the public this week was officers getting tazed by a stun gun during training; theory being they need to know how it feels. Really? That’s as silly as making the prospective chief drag a dummy and run for his money. What’s next, making officers take turns standing down range when its pistol qualification time? Do they need to know how a bullet feels to understand how to use a gun? Silly little boy macho junk…. Could Superman’s cape be in the breeze?

The latest story being circulated, but unconfirmed, is that former Sugar Land Police Chief now assist city manager Steve Griffith is slated to be at Rosenberg city council Tuesday night to discuss a process by which to select a chief; oh my how things have changed in a week. Maybe someone will actually get interviewed….we shall see. Could this be the end of the buddy system for Rosenberg? Nah… not as long as they don’t lop off the head of that snake.

Talk about Superman’s cape and shameless self-promotion…

Sheriff’s first year in review… He started by announcing that he as well as everyone one of his employees passed a drug test on the first day he took office. Kudos, anyone that didn’t should have been a former employee, just say’n. He also said he was proud of his 735 employees. However, he failed to make mention that he is 30+ officers short in patrol; another 20+ short in detectives and some 30+ short in the jail. Those numbers have been rolling steady all year, as soon as they get someone hired, they lose another 2 or 3; exit interviews indicate poor management followed by poor pay.

The press release issued by the Sheriff through his spokesman said, “We wanted to achieve certain goals during this important first year.” He identified those goals as improved crime solve rates, reduction in overtime, and a reduction in take-home vehicles; all issues he campaigned on. However, the crime solve rates will be scrutinized in February after they are released in the Uniformed Crime Report and the overtime was easily reduced as the previous administration let anyone work any overtime they wanted.

That reduction in take home vehicles; that needs a mathematician to really cypher the numbers. While he took the working deputy’s cars away to sit fallow in the parking lot, he allows three of his staff members to drive their county issued cars each day to El Campo, Spring and Cypress each way, each day; simple math makes that about 200 miles per day; or well over 40,000 personal miles each year. The press release also addressed the grumbling over take home cars .. “Those employees who had their car taken from them were not very happy with me and I understand their frustration,” Nehls said. “But I have a responsibility to ensure the assets entrusted to me by the taxpayers are properly managed.”

Fiscal responsibility was another major achievement said Nehls, “Reducing the amount of overtime spending had to be tackled, and we were successful.” He went on to say, “We moved some detectives to evening shifts and weekends and reduced overtime spending from $327,952 to $77,431, a 76 percent reduction.” He also said, “Detectives now must have overtime approved by their supervisors.” That overtime budget he is so proud to reduce declined from $1,115,696 to $855,126 according to the press release. However, his agency is short some 100 or so employees. Which begs the question, if they can work for so long, so short, do they really need all that personnel?

The honeymoon just might be over between the new Sheriff and minions, only time will tell; and of course the blog where they grumble.

2014 is shaping up to be eventful on all kinds of fronts.

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