The Afterburner 02/05/14

By LeaAnne Klentzman  

The Little Dutch Boy can’t hold back these flood gates: Remember that Rosenberg police chief thing we pondered about, right here in this column? Well, that pondering has led to the crashing of the flood gates. In fact, there is so much information barraging us about the inner-workings of that police department that we are overwhelmed. While we were trying to figure out how to get to the truth, the police department is over there eating their young and pointing fingers at each other, all while trying to figure out who’s talking; just think minions guys, many minions. Heck, In order to try and ferret out the fact from fiction an open records request was submitted to the city.

That request was for simple things like time sheets, policy, work sheets, daily activity logs, dispatch logs, lists of disciplinary actions and terminations, things that are routine in the operation of a law enforcement agency. With those kinds of documents it should be easy to cut the fiction from the fact.

Where it gets interesting for a Nosy Nancy crew is…when government agencies claim they don’t have the information that is requested. Now there are many reasons for not giving up the records like those records might get one caught with their skivvies at half-mast, or maybe they have been less than transparent, or maybe…more than likely, maybe they just don’t like being questioned. Whatever the reason, it becomes a … spit’n contest.

However, one can be sure, that when a Nosy Nancy type finally takes the time to put it in writing as an official Open Records Request, they know it’s there, and they know what it is and they know what it says. So, really those Open Records Requests are just a test to see how honest that government administrator is and who’s going take the fall for violating the Texas Open Records Act. We shall see.

By the way, the Minions; they have a pool working…want to buy a square?

It’s coming… the unveiling of the annual Uniformed Crime Report (UCR). While some things in life are iffy, we can already tell you that almost every city in Fort Bend will qualify for the Safest City in Texas list, well, except for Stafford, those poor souls, they do it honest and tell the truth. It is quite possible that once again the good guys finish last, but at least they can sleep at night. However, soon, very soon, the lady with DPS who is in charge of the UCR reports is gonna get wind of the slight-of-hand stats these cop shops are doing and we’re going to sell tickets to that donkey stomp! Peanuts…cold beer…popcorn… peanuts…

With early voting racing upon us…next week we are going to have to talk candidates. See ya’ at the debates. .

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