The Afterburner 02/12/14

By LeaAnne Klentzman  

You can put lipstick on a pig but it still wallows in slop – The city of Rosenberg led by their former police chief, now city manager, is determined to appoint crony aka “Heir Apparent” as their new police chief. Why so desperate? Why so determined? Why so frantic? After 20+ years of reign, is there something that needs to stay buried? Surely not!

Yes, they are trying to make it look like they are going through the motions of an Assessment for the new chief of police, but we hear the Fix Is In! “Heir Apparent” is in the lead.  Heck, the former police chief, now city manager, even wrote the job description just for him, or so it appears, including that catch-me-if-you-can physical fitness thingy; which, by the way, has been the topic of gut rolling laughter.

As the requirements stand, the former police chief, now city manager, will find himself directing his replacement who will possess far more credentials and physical prowess than he himself enjoys.  Just say’n.

Can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear … In selecting the new chief,  why would the city chose a company that uses one if one of the candidates vying for chief as an assessor? If the “Heir Apparent” has been working for or with the assessment company making the selection for chief, wouldn’t that be like insider trading? Hello Martha Stewart!

We hear it has has gotten desperate that “Heir Apparent” his tapped his neighbor, you remember him, the football cop with the youngster, and head of the police officer’s association to use Survey Monkey to figure out if they should try and influence City Council on the selection process or not. Really? We can’t make this up!!  Now they have Monkeys calling the shots? You’d think the mayor or council would step in and provide some adult supervision before it splatters all over.

Next week all the open records information will be in. Stay tuned for those details, we might just watch some of those monkeys take flight.

What next?  Maybe officers leaning on local businesses to contact their council member and recommend “Heir Apparent” .Mind you, we’re told these officers are on the clock and in uniform. What is good for the goose might not be all that good for the gander….

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1 Comment for “The Afterburner 02/12/14”

  1. InspectorIntegrity

    Well … lets look at some other interesting facts:

    1. Someone should look at the number of officers who have been forced out or terminated since “Heir Apparent” has been promoted from Sgt. Bilko to Lt. Twitter. How many appeals have been filed against the department and how many of those appeals were sustained?
    2. Has anyone really read the policy manual from RPD? Is there no ethics section that says supervisors should not have sexual relations with subordinates?
    3. If a supervisor violates the policy for the same reasons he has disciplined subordinates, shouldn’t he face discipline also?
    4. Only a moron would back “Heir Apparent” instead of the the officer who should get the job … you know, the guy who has been there for decades and has a quality called integrity.
    5. Physical fitness for a police chief? Really? Last time I checked, policy development, budgeting, and administrative skills didn’t involve running. Perhaps an examination of other police chiefs in the region would shed some light here.
    6. It is one thing to have a college degree in something and a totally other thing to actually understand how to use it and apply the concepts (you know, leadership, integrity, ethical behavior).
    7. Here is a clue: If “Heir Apparent” has not received the backing after several votes, perhaps a new direction would be in order … remember, gut feelings are there for a reason.

    Maybe Nostradamus can help us here by reading some of his quatrains. I’m sure a few come to mind.

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