The Afterburner 02/19/14

By LeaAnne Klentzman

If we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it – And here it is, not even out of diapers and we find ourselves back in …Kingdom building! We just thought the power mongering of Fort Bend politics took a big hit in the 2012 election with the ouster of the Wright regime; only to find it back, only this time led by a pack of Yankees and Carpetbaggers! We have seen this before; it never seems to work well. They say it’s in the water, tapped from some secret water fountain, sequestered far and away in a lone corner at the end of a long dark hallway, in some remote county building that only the elected can pilgrimage to and drink from. Yes Sir, that bad boy has got to be found and destroyed! For the most part, the folks we elect around here start off pretty decent; at least until they get elected then… BAM…they drink from that fountain!

The Kingdom building we speak of is the coalition formed by sitting District Attorney John Healey (Connecticut) who is tighter than a 10 pound sausage in a 2 pound wrapper with former Constable now Sheriff Troy Nehls (Wisconsin) and replacement Constable, twin to Troy; Trever Nehls (Wisconsin) who try to make it local with a guy from Sugar Land who, by the way arrived via South Africa, Midland, then to Sugar Land for high school in the 80’s. In all fairness, this guy is 30 years local and as an adult, he has been a Sugar Land resident who has drawn his paycheck in Harris and Montgomery Counties. This Not-From-Around-Here collation has combined their efforts in facing their Republican opponents as a package deal with Team Nehls (who shouldn’t have a dog in the hunt) in charge of signage as well as introductions and entrée. This guy who wants to replace the incumbent County Court at Law Judge 4, is campaigning on personal responsibility and making the crooks pay their own way.

… Really? Based on county records, it doesn’t appear he always has. Go look for yourselves at the District Clerk’s records for the last name Diepramm, more than one suit on debt. Just say’n, “You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.” Matthew 7:5 from the Good Book. Sound familiar? Not everyone has a law degree and represent themselves for free. NO more Kingdom building!!

Forget the monkeys; it’s time to deal with the organ grinder – In order for an organization to have integrity, it must start at the top. Over the last few weeks we have discussed the upcoming announcement of the new Rosenberg police chief. The assessment process is slated to take place this coming Saturday with the top few candidates going before a company owned and operated by the former Sugar Land police chief now assistant city manager over public safety. Now mind you, the Heir Apparent, one of the candidates scheduled to go before that assessment process frequently works for this same company as an assessor. Conflict of interest? You decide.

Speaking of conflicts, seems the Heir Apparent’s baby-momma, now detective by assignment, not by test like the others, is picking up that baby and its cousin in her city car in a rendezvous with her mother after a day babysitting. This happens several days a week at a truck stop in Beasley; those in the know tell us it used to be all the way in Wharton.

Footage of the baby exchange can be viewed at below. Go see for yourself. As luck would have it this Rosenberg detective, you remember, subordinate to Heir Apparent when she became his third baby-momma, just happened to be on the Rosenberg time clock as the baby exchange took place. No, we didn’t film this just once, but several times. Then we obtained her payroll documents via open records and there it was, even though she was at the pickup place at 5:20ish she was scheduled to be on the clock until 6 p.m. Bam! Not a 10 hour day…. And no, she did not come in early, she was actually late. Seems petty, right, but Heir Apparent has forced others to resign for less. However, when it’s his baby-momma; using her city car for delivery of her and her brother’s children outside the city prior to end of duty, well, that appears to be ok.

Furthermore, those forced resignations have been going on for years, everyone has just been too afraid to talk. This detective baby-momma even racks up more overtime that most, according to the time sheets obtained by the “Star“. Also according to those documents it appears that the detective baby-momma gets “on-call” pay for more time periods than other detectives.

The Emperor has no Clothes – Again, with that integrity thing, it starts at the top. The former police chief now city manager AND the mayor have both been in charge all while this whole thing has played out. It is at least three years old and should have been addressed a long time ago. It begs the question, where have they been, why have they not addressed it, and where is the Human Resources department for this city? According to lawyers, having an affair with a subordinate can very easily be construed as sexual harassment and could be actionable if other employees believe there is favoritism.

Next week we will address the 94 disciplinary actions taken against 94 Rosenberg personnel since 2008. Just so ya’ know that discipline ranged from no action taken to dismissal. The infractions ranged from policy violations, to damaging city property (wrecking a car) to Untruthfulness. According to the records we have now, damaging city property gets more discipline that Untruthfulness. Wow! And these are people we allow to take away our liberty and they don’t get held accountable for not telling the truth? The council needs to ask the Mayor, and City Manager what’s up with that!

Same song different verse – District 27 State Representative Ron Reynolds headed back to court on 2013 Barratry charges in Montgomery County.

Reynolds, a Missouri City resident and State Representative, was first charged with Barratry in Harris County in April of 2012. That case was dismissed on almost the very day the Montgomery County charge was filed, in 2013. In the Harris County case, investigators for the District Attorney’s Office were accused of wrongdoing resulting in the dismissal of Reynolds case as well as some 50 odd more.

According to Montgomery County District Court records, Reynolds is scheduled for another court appearance later this month. Montgomery County court documents indicate that the date of offense was February 28, 2013; he was arrested on March 26, 2013, but not indicted until October 31, 2013. Barratry is defined as a soliciting a client; in other realms it is called marketing.

And on and on it goes……

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