The Afterburner 02/26/14

By LeaAnne Klentzman  

Up in Flames – If this keeps up the Afterburner broom is gonna have to be scrapped to the wood pile and our Evinrude motor we like to keep for special occasions, gassed up and ready to ride!  Seems anonymous websites are popping up all over the internet and even other local papers are wading off into the murky waters of candidate connections.

Now, for those of you who don’t get it, well, let me explain, the purpose of this column is to provide you with information, give you facts, and help you think outside your perfect little box … If you are happy in your box, by all means stay there, if you disagree, heck, let us know, you can’t hurt our feelings. We have been called everything at least once and mean on more than many occasions Just don’t yell at the poor person who answers the phone, save it for whoever wrote what has your knickers in such an  knot.

However, just because you don’t agree does not change the facts. They are what they are, nasty name calling and Yankee screaming won’t change them either. Just say’n.

And when you do all that scream’n and acting a fool, don’t hang up before we get to respond, or we just might be tempted to do it here, right in front of the Big Guy and everyone else, outing your candidate at the same time.  However, that would not be fair to the candidate but it sure can give us some insight to the candidate’s character by looking at  whom they surround themselves. Also, take a gander through a candidate’s Facebook page and website look to see with whom they surround themselves there too. We did check on some of the Wanna-be judge candidates and low and behold there was a multiple time convicted felon on one.

We provide our readers with information we find and then suggest you go read it for yourself. Making the choice of what you believe or how you vote is up to you.

One responder from last week said he did not understand what Kingdom Building was and wanted to know if it was a building over in Rosenberg?  Cute.  Clearly he is one of those “ya’ ain’t from around here folks” because, well, the vast majority got it.  So, as they say, we can read it to you, explain it to you, but we can’t understand it for you.

Based on the virulent responses by some of the supporters of particular candidates we hit a nerve, a hot one at that.  So, our job here is done.  Consider yourselves motivated to research the candidates and make a selection, whether you agree or disagree, your job is to go vote! It’s what keeps Tyranny at bay.

Circling the Wagons – Some of the Rosenberg Police peeps are obsessed, seems they have got to know who took the video footage we posted last week of that detective delivering Heir Apparent’s kiddo at the truck stop.  Really?  Watch those videos closely guys…. Check out the dash clocks, and check those license plates, and hold on until the next wave.  More importantly, remember if you check the owner of a license plate through police databanks without a REAL law enforcement purpose, well that is yet another violation of not only policy but the law.

And all you Rosenberg officers with take home cars  who have laughed that you do the same thing every day, just remember that document you signed about city property and personal use.

Umm, hum… go on….let your conscience be your guide.

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