The Afterburner 03/05/14

By LeaAnne Klentzman  

Drum Roll, please… the announcement is looming. Rosenberg almost had a new police chief last night but now, after no action was taken following a special council meeting last Monday, the top three contenders will, at the very least, be introduced to Council before they appoint a chief.  You’d think, huh?  Begs the question, just who is selecting the new police chief, the council or the former police chief now city manager?

Remember it’s his Sugar Land crony who ran the Assessment that will be used or abused to select the new police chief.  Also remember, Heir Apparent has been an Assessor for that same company many times before.  Could that possibly be a conflict of interest?  Furthermore, who will this new police chief answer to?  Will he be expected to follow policy and answer to the Council or will they follow the trend set in recent years by the former chief, now city manager, and just cozy up to the mayor and new city manager?

Who needs a council anyway, never seems to work well in that Fiefdom thingie anyway. Remember those open records we have been collecting, well those bad boys led to even more questions, so we have follow up requests pending right now.  Stay tuned.

Seems the folks over at the PD think it’s funny that they violate the policies and the public trust.  They appear to be more interested in Facebooking and ferreting out the traitors that leak information to the pond scum press, gotta’ make ya’ smile, huh?

As the weeks pass we will be relating to you just how far off the tracks this whole thing has gone. Ponder this …. how can a police officer be disciplined for dishonesty then be trusted with your liberty or the liberty of your children? Have they not already been identified as less than truthful?  Or is it just garbage that is trumped up for retaliation purposes when the whistle blows and they all exchange “friends”?

It is a cesspool and Heir Apparent is dipped in it.  Is honesty not the most important trait a police officer should possess?  Isn’t it imperative that our leaders, and community representatives possess the values and mores we hold dear; most importantly freedom.

Something as precious and invaluable as freedom cannot be entrusted to someone who will bend the rules or be untruthful for their wanton lusts and hedonistic pleasures at the expense of coworkers or the community. Time for the Rosenberg Police Department be free of the tyranny of recent years.

Speaking of Tyranny – What in the heck is the Sheriff doing out stumping at the polling places, during working hours, when he is NOT even running?  What’s up with that?  Yes, we all know, as he likes to say, His Chief Deputy is the smartest guy in the room, well Sporto, he was not elected you were – so get yourself to the office and do something, like maybe hire some folks to fill all those openings you say you don’t have. Or, keep that “smartest guy in the room” in his room so he can’t oppress YOUR employees anymore.  You were elected to be Sheriff Troy, not Director of the local political Lido Deck; get on over to the road formerly known as Ransom and be Sheriff. It is not time for you to move up yet.

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