The Afterburner 03/26/14

By LeaAnne Klentzman 

Fort Bend County politics is blood-sport – Well, maybe not anymore, but it sure was once upon a time. History tells us that politics led to shootouts on the courthouse steps when the first bunch of carpetbaggers showed up here in Fort Bend County.

Now days it’s just sign wars! Yep, no one has a clue who does it but when darkness descends…the sign reapers begin. Like third world county dissents, political signs disappear, never to be seen again. Heck, the downing of a billboard in 2012 garnered the current sheriff front page coverage and the former sheriff, whose little buddy was running, accusing him of chain-sawing it down himself.

Ya’ know, there are many of us who would have loved to actually watched the felling of that sign…had to be several chainsaws working in unison, would’ been a sight to behold, never mind criminal behavior by a bunch of cops! So has anyone ever been arrested for sign loot’n? Don’t know, but some tell stories about it but no records to back that up. It is everywhere and happening to almost every candidate.

Bill Dostal, a sitting Commissioner, who is again a candidate for Richmond Commissioner is so frustrated that he is offering a reward of $500 bucks for information leading to the identity of those steal’n his political signs. Heck for $500 big ones, we might just have a girl’s night out along Thompson Highway and bag-n-tag those loot’n fools ourselves! Hey Bill, throw in some jewelry and you’ll have “Star Warriors” on the road! That has fun all over it!

However, there is a bigger question, with all the loot’n of political signs…why is NO ONE ever caught? Or is there a catch and release program attached to that crime? Whatever the cause, the end result is the same; it is creating an exponential increase in the cost of local political campaigns. Signs don’t vote…people do.

The fat lady ain’t sung – yet…. Digging into government maleficence, operational dysfunction, or just the gunk of political nasty takes time and a lot of records collection to validate what we already know. That methodical plod to gather information is an effort to protect the folks who live in fear for their jobs or the oppression of their family. It is sad.

The amount of ill-treatment of employees in government offices across this county is appalling, at all levels. But the collection of information followed by official documents shines a light on that nastiness and skims the pond; hopefully bringing about change and better service for those they serve. Happy and respected employees – public servants that respect the public they are hired to serve. Physical tirades, verbal attacks, name calling and open contempt for subordinates is unacceptable in the workplace.

In the near future we will bring you some examples of what your public servants have to abide because they believe in serving the public.

We the people, place our contemporaries, other people, in positions to direct what makes us a civilized society – such as it is. However it is becoming more apparent that those we either elect or appoint forget that they are public servants not Deities.

So all your Demigods….just stink’n be nice, your peeps are chirping.

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