I’m Sick and Tired… 04/02/14

…of the Comcast cable company rip-off. First, I refused to pay $50 per month for an Internet connection. After four or five years of getting ripped off by Time Warner Cable I called the local phone company (Windstream) and asked for DSL prices and speeds. I switched!

I got DSL, always on, high-speed Internet service for HALF the price I was paying for Internet service from Time Warner Cable. This level of DSL service was slightly slower than the cable company speed, but it was more than enough to stream movies from Netflix.

This was all several years ago before the Comcast takeover. The cost of Internet cable has only INCREASED under Comcast. Of course they cloak it in all kinds of bundles to hide all these costs. The way I see it, Time Warner already had all the cables run to everybody’s house, so if they wanted me to keep paying for cable they should be more than happy to give me the internet access for what I was paying for cable TV.

So, ever since Comcast took over from Time Warner I have only been paying for basic cable TV service.  When they started HD and/or digital signals they wanted $10 per month more for this or for that… Or $12 per month for a DVR. We always rejected any offer in increasing the monthly cable bill.

For YEARS I had only paid for one set-top cable box on one television so I had all the menus and setup reminders and all those little extras on one TV. I had a direct cable feed into all the rest of the TV’s in my house. Then two years ago they made me pay rent on some signal processor that required ANOTHER remote because their signal would no longer work on my CABLE-READY flat screen TV’s.

My wife and I had more than one very brief conversation about getting prices for all our “home services”… Internet, cable and phone (yes, I still have a land line). That was about it. We merely mentioned needing to inspect all of their monthly prices and start spending time on the phone getting quotes from any and all providers. Of course we never got around to that endeavor.

Weeks had passed when over lunch I brought up the subject of replacing cable with satellite service. I asked Lisa how much we pay Comcast for basic cable with no HD, no DVR and only one “full-service” set-top box on one TV and she said $100 per month. I felt my eyes bulge when I said ‘no way’ and she said absolutely. She had just written the check so she got out her little checkbook register to show me the check to Comcast for $101 and some odd cents. By the way we never even paid for a pay-per-view movie.

Needless to say I was livid! I vowed to take charge of this chore. I figured I could get ALL the extras, bells and whistles and all from any satellite company for that price. That very same day when I made a trip to a warehouse club store, there was a guy at the front door as I walked in that said, ‘sir, how much is your cable bill’ and when I turned and glared back at him I said, ‘too damn much’. Then I told him this will be the easiest sale he has every made.

I asked the guy how much, what do I get and how long will it take? He said not to worry, he would follow me around with his cell phone and I only had to answer the personal info questions and when we got to that point he would hand me the phone. That’s what I call service.

I got almost everything in the advanced basic lineup that included every channel that the family watches PLUS one of the newest DVR’s and three slave units that have all the functionality of the DVR set-top box. I could record four shows and watch live TV all at the same time. Plus I got digital HD channels and the NFL Sunday Ticket for $71.41 total including tax.

Funny, when we called Comcast to cancel their overpriced service, THEN they offered a lower price. We said we wanted a cash rebate for the overpriced service for the past two years. They didn’t like that idea, so we told them to disconnect it.

No matter what kind of single or bundled service you have you are paying too much and as long as you are not under any contract (only if you’re getting a lower rate anyway) you can cut your bill as much as 50% just by calling them and telling them you are switching.

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