The Afterburner 04/23/14

By LeaAnne Klentzman  

I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you: Hang on to your wallets folks, because we’re fix’n to get flogged by the folks that are bringing you pay for use pavement. Now, it’s not like we TAXPAYERS are not already paying for the pavement we use all across the country, state, county and cities, but now we have even more special roads, and we get to pay extra for them…. You know, it keeps the riffraff off and all; we wouldn’t want no stink’n poor folks to drive on our NEW pavement!

So here’s the deal, right now, there are two Toll Road Authorities in Fort Bend County, however that is due to change very soon, like within weeks! Shhhh, maybe no one will notice…Ha! You see, The Fort Bend Toll Road Authority that partners with (and has since its inception) with the Harris County Toll Road Authority is fix’n to break free from Harris County Toll road Authority (HCRTA). Then, all the Toll Roads in Fort Bend County will contract with Newark NJ’s Xerox Corp. So, instead of keeping it local we TAXPAYERS are going to send our precious little revenues to New Jersey. As things stand today, for each toll paid on any of the toll road overseen by FBCTRA- that work in conjunction with HCTRA -it costs $.05. That is 1 nickel!

So, say you travel through 3 toll plazas, that means Fort Bend Toll Road Authority pays Harris County toll Road Authority $.15 cents. That $.15 cents is for handling the communications with officers on the Toll Road, critical incident command, customer assist vehicles, you know the guys who help if you break down, billing, data collection and distribution and violation notification to just name what we have found so far. .05 cents per toll plaza! Really? What are we missing here? Why is this happening? How does this benefit the citizens of Fort Bend County? Commissioners? County Judge? Ya’ll appointed the members of the Toll Road Authority Board, make them explain! We are sure going to ask you….

Once the connection with HCTRA is severed, it is going to cost exponentially. Communications personnel are going to have to be hired, heck the sheriff can’t even keep the personnel he started with much less add to it, they are in the triple digits short in personnel and have mandatory overtime in more than one division. More communications personnel will have to be hired, new equipment, critical incident equipment and personnel, data mining equipment and interfacing software, to name just a few things right off the bat. Furthermore, according to Mike Stone, of Mike Stone and Associates, the guy who FBCTRA contracts with to run the daily operations of the Toll Roads, there will no longer be any assistance vehicles for the public, just not affordable, he said.

How about all the money that lands in political coffers that can be traced back to interested parties? …we have leads we are following… We will keep you posted as the documents to follow the money arrive. Heck, give HCTRA a quarter and beg them to let us call!

Umm, umm, umm – Rosenberg has a new police chief and this week he’s gonna earn his pay.

Seems a sergeant from Rosenberg forgot where his city limits were and wandered out into the county. Out into his own neighborhood, then he started trying to enforce the law. Oops, one of the first things they teach new cops, never police your own neighborhood, especially when you gotta live there and it is NOT within your jurisdiction. Police violations? Civil Rights violations? Ethics violations? Better yet, what was he doing wandering around outside the city an hour or so before his shift ends? Heck there were reports to be approved, shift briefing info to collect, and instead he is out getting in a smack-down with neighbors? Then when he catches himself on the short end of the stick…he breaks out the Tazer and reaches out and touches them. Yep, chief you got a bowl of mud pie.

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