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The Afterburner 05/07/14

By LeaAnne Klentzman  

AB050714We can’t make this stuff up.… Sign Crime, it has been a plague since someone thought up the post to put it in the ground! Heck, in some circles, steal’n signs is a sporting event. Remember the chainsaw sign removal in the Sheriff’s campaign a few years back…that was synchronized and you can bet they had someone there to announce…Gentleman…start your engines!

But in this latest endeavor, well… the folks over at the school board have taken things to a WHOLE new level, leave it to the education folks to outsmart each other! Break out the wild game cameras and bust open the popcorn … folks, this is gonna be fun!

So here’s the story, one that can also be seen on the Houston TV news. Seems it involves a sitting FBISD Board member and a candidate, but hold on…not a candidate running against that particular Board member, the candidate whose sign was purloined is running for a whole ‘nother Board position. Yep, we’re scratch’n our heads too. Anyway the guy you can see in the picture, the one with the sign in his hands- that is not his, he is not stealing it…he is removing it. So maybe loot’n is too strong a word, umm, he was …harvesting, yeah, that’s it! Harvesting, because the sign is not supposed to be there…. Bad crop placement? Umm, hum, but the candidate who had the sign in the ground, well, he has a letter of permission to have that sign there. So much for the theory the purloin’n Board member was representing the owner. What ya’ bet, in the end …it’s all just a misunderstanding? Well, we shall see if that dong will hunt….Wouldn’t count on it.

Remember the District Attorney’s race a few months ago? Mr. Healey’s opponent was posting her signage loss on Facebook. Then Healey posted on his Facebook…he would prosecute if anyone can prove the sign cost over $50 dollars.

So, here we go… Film footage at 10! Now to be fair, the film from the Sign Crime is not rolling footage because days before, when the first sign was stolen from that corner, the candidate replaced it and installed a video camera. Well, Team Sign Crime returned to liberate the second sign; they covered the lens of the video camera to prevent being detected. Then to add insult to injury, the Team Sign Crime returned after the heist, to remove the cover from in front of the video camera, so the candidate could see his sign… gone. By the way, the cops working the do thank you for the time line guys!

What’s the old saying? Third time’s a charm, right? Well, it didn’t go exactly as planned….Fast forward a couple of days and lo and behold the video camera is gone, but unbeknownst to the Team Sign Crime that video camera had been replaced with a wild game camera! Yep, one of those babies that is all camo and attaches to a tree.

So, from far and away they watched, in living color, a current sitting FBISD Board member, who is up for reelection, snag’n the sign…NOT his own! Now to be fair, it is not an action movie, it is only bursts of still shots, but as they say…one picture is worth a thousand words.

And we wonder why kids don’t have any respect for other people’s property, You sir, need to hang your head in Shame! There is no excuse.

Speaking of no excuse… There is a guy running for Richmond City Commissioner…. He is a guy who was in political office for some 4 election cycles. He claims to be running on law and order, cutting taxes and providing police with the tool to do their job, yada, yada, yada…but all we can ask is…Really buddy? If you are all about law and order, then how about abiding by those laws that keep order…. You’re stink’n signs are illegal Milton. Just in case you forgot, or don’t understand… even you have to display the TxDot disclaimer on your signs AND even you can’t put signs in the right of way. After looking at your signs, it begs the question, are you that arrogant or that ethically challenged?

No needs to answer, we already know about your ethics; you took money from, and were entertained by, a felon while you were a sitting Sheriff…. Richmond is facing enough challenges …we don’t need to be skim’m your kind of scum off the Brazos.

Fort Bend residents need to choose their public servants wisely.

Send questions or inquiries to LeaAnne Klentzman

Fort Bend Star

4655 Techniplex Dr. Suite 300

Stafford Texas 77477

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