The Afterburner 05/14/14

By LeaAnne Klentzman  

We can’t make this up! Remember how the Toll Road Guru Mike Stone told us that the Xerox company in New Jersey was top shelf and reliable, yada, yada, yada….well how about this!  I’m tell’n ya, we can’t even begin to make this up; we can only tell you about it… Here goes, on May 8, 2014 the Attorney General of Texas (you know the one who wants to be Governor) announced that Texas has filed a civil lawsuit against Xerox for fraudulent Medicaid payments.  See Xerox, that company from NJ, who our erstwhile Toll Road folks want to entrust with toll road collections with have made such a mess of things with the state system…Wannabe Governor Abbot is suing them.

So, here we are, gonna trust’m, really?  Does this remind you of anything…Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result…insanity?  Remember the problems with the Toll Road violations that were not really violations?  Then weeks later we learn that all across the area, where they are in charge of toll road violations,  they are violating veterans who are supposed to be traveling free, you know, the Medal of Honor, Medal of Valor, disabled veterans, just to name a few, were tagged by the NJ based Xerox company as well as good ole’ EZ Tag clients who fell through the cracks.  Well they said it was just a mix up…. Seems those mix-ups are not so uncommon.

In the Texas lawsuit against Xerox, the State claimed fraud since 2003 by Xerox and seeks to recover fraudulent Medicaid payments for services that were improperly approved by Xerox.  And here we are – on the flip side, unable to get approval on those who have properly made their payments. You know, with an EZ Tag, you pay upfront for the luxury to pay to use an overpass.

Get a rope!

Local elections – Wow! There is some shake’n go’n on over in OUR county seat.  Since the last Mayoral election Richmond, Texas has lost the longest serving mayor in history…anywhere.  Hilmer Moore passed away; his wife Evelyn Moore completed his term until the next election.

As of Saturday she holds the office as the elected Mayor of Richmond, Texas.  She won by a healthy margin as well.  Ms. Moore has long been a supporter of state and national politics with a solid commitment to women in their efforts to pursue public office.  During this mayoral race she was chastised by the Bubba Crowd for making contributions to such causes.   Congratulations Evelyn, you stood firm, ran an honorable race and whipped the good ole’ boys… We expect great things from you.

In first place for Richmond City Commissioner is former LCISD school board member Jesse Torres.Torres smoked the field of 7 by gathering 400 votes; his closest competitor was former Richmond City Manager Glen Gilmore who garnered 313 votes.  It is a time of change for Richmond and it is exciting to see what and how these new faces will build the community.

Could it be an Omen?  We have chastised the Nehls’ for Kingdom building.  They have been in office less than two years and have yet to get their own operations straight but both have already jumped into other folk’s races and business.  That activity has not gone well for either of the candidates they have touted.

A long time Fort Bend resident and Montgomery County prosecutor fell victim to the taint…of Nehls … now the Missouri City Council incumbent who linked himself to law and order twins by advertising with the Nehls’ has also lost his race.  Maybe if the Twin Team Nehls would learn and DO their jobs; not turning them over to mullets, nah…it’s in the water.   Heck the candidates the former sheriff backed lost all the time too.

Tick, tick, tick, the clock is ticking….

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