The Afterburner 06/25/14

By LeaAnne Klentzman  

No Facebook required – déjà vu – Again this week Richmond police officers are serving the public without fanfare, not seeking attention and not wanting credit for doing what they do…just serving the public.  Kudos to Officer Morales for saving a lady who was sitting on the railroad tracks waiting on a train.  He pulled her to safety right in front of said passing train. We can only hope the city finds a new chief with as much character and commitment to the public as these young officers have exemplified.

The City management needs to remember this is 2014, it is imperative that the qualifications for the new police chief be more than just a pulse.  Please do the residents of Richmond a favor and make sure education and leadership skills are in the mix along with a few people skills.  We are, after all, in a new millennium.

THIS JUST IN – At press time Richmond police are catching themselves herd’n cats!  Yes, an angry customer, imagine that at a Walmart…well, they call in a bomb threat.  After clearing the store and searching high and low…nothing was found.   Of course, if it had been Rosenberg, they’d still be out front waiting for just the right light and camera angle to Facebook the whole thing.

Speaking of Rosenberg, the city who suffers from Character Challenge – Remember the Carly Simon song….Anticipation, well that is just how we are awaiting Tuesday night’s council meeting.  Seems one of their Council members is going to investigate the new police chief as “Heir Apparent” didn’t get the job he wanted, his buddy and council member is going to try and get it for him…she and the former police chief now city manager.  H-e-l-l-o Council, get it together and quit letting the former police chief, now city manager, keep making fools of you.  You look like fools, it is embarrassing….. Get out of the way and let the new police chief do his job.

The Sheriff and his Girly boys – We just can’t make this up!  So the Sheriff takes over and things have, well, as The Who said in 1972 – We Won’t Get Fooled Again. …Meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss….

Last Friday a call went out over the police radio, the dispatcher told a mental health deputy they needed to respond to a disturbance in the Detective Lounge.  Yes, that is inside the Sheriff’s Office, the joint crammed full of cops, could no one deal with this? Furthermore it begs the question, how on earth did anyone get  that deep into the bowels of the Sheriff’s fortified bastion of security, behind all those locked doors – the ones that protect the sheriff and his administration from the public; you know….us voters.  So now, someone is inside the walls and acting a fool and some poor grunt has to drive from Needville to save the office?  This responding grunt deputy, who is not a supervisor or detective, which is where the fracas is unfolding, works in the newly created and only quasi-operational mental health unit has to drive miles from a call in Needville to the Sheriff’s office in Richmond to handle the situation.  Now mind you, there were 6 deputies and one Lieutenant in the room who could not handle the situation, not to mention all the detectives and administrators that were right there. Wow  – talk about your girly boys!  This pack of 6 inept deputies and their Lieutenant, by the way, were in the process of turning this woman loose on the public.  Ya’ know, we have a bigger problem than we could have ever imagined….somebody get them some adult supervision over on the Road formerly known as Ransom!  What are we gonna tell another county or the Feds when one of their inmates get killed?  Or when they kill themselves because the Sheriff’s staff is untrained or understaffed?   Folks we are at critical mass!

We Won’t Get Fooled Again. …Meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss….

More on adult supervision…nobody likes snakes. Ok, maybe a few but as a whole snakes are not a popular police call. However, according to those ethics Sheriff Nehls so devoutly follows… it is YOUR FUNDEMNTAL DUTY TO SERVE THE COMMUNITY… and that means you get a snake call, you go!  Well, over the weekend they got just such a call.  Only they did not respond because the poor woman made the mistake of not calling on the right phone number. You see, she tried to do the right thing by calling Animal Control, NOT 911.

Well, when you don’t call 911 they can push you off and cancel your call (and who’s gonna know?)  And after much ado they did just that; kicked her to the curb.  How’s that for public service?  Imagine her distress when she gets told by Animal Control that if the snake had gone into a hole in her cabinets, if they came out, they would bring a hammer and destroy her cabinets and walls.

Really?  Heck you can’t get that crowd out for a rabid skunk, much less a snake.  So the snake call gets punted and the taxpayer gets told to call an exterminator.  With just a modicum of common sense this could have been a win/win for the sheriff but Noooo, that didn’t happen.  However, a Constable’s Deputy , one who recently left the sheriff’s office after 20+ years in contempt and distain for the current administration, went over and helped the Cinco Ranch resident.  Again, what a bunch of Girly Boys!  And again – they are in serious need of supervision.

Ethics?  They don’t need no stink’n ethics, they just give’m lip service.

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