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By LeaAnne Klentzman 

Who says you only get to vote once – Monday night a meeting at the GOP Headquarters was an interesting insight into grassroots politics. With the death of sitting Justice of the Peace Jim Richard and his wife’s place on the upcoming November ballot for another elected position, a replacement candidate had to be selected for November. 

As the process moved forward each of the candidates had been working their crowd, the Precinct chairs for Precinct 4 (they are the only ones who got to vote in this particular process).

So imagine the surprise when you get to vote over and over until either one candidate gets better than 50+% or others drop out. So at 7:00 p.m. the process began, the candidates were David Hunter, Joan Cain, Justin Joyce, Warren Diepraarm, Paul Sullivan, and Mike Rozell. The first round of ballots were cast at 7:14 and the votes were: Cain 7, Diepraarm 3, Hunter 1, Joyce 11, Sullivan 1, Rozell 1. Party Chair Mike Gibson said all candidates could continue to run until they chose to drop out or someone reached the 50+%; based on Roberts Rules of Order.

With all candidates still in, a second vote followed with Cain 9, Diepraarm 4, Hunter 1, Joyce 11, Sullivan 0, Rozell 0. Sullivan and Rozell opted out and the third vote resulted in Cain 9, Diepraarm 2, Hunter 2, and Joyce 14.

With 25 chairs voting the 14 votes earned by Sugar Land Police Lieutenant Justin Joyce earned him the spot on the November ballot. The whole process must be validated at a future meeting of the Executive Committee. Interesting… the people’s court will be represented by people, not a lawyer….Interesting.

When potential handbags and belts come to you – Last week we beat up the Sheriff for not helping a citizen with a snake problem. When inquiries were made about a Sheriff’s deputy not going to help a woman who had a snake in her house the Major of Communications said snakes and wildlife were not a law enforcement problem but the purview of Animal Control or a pest control. Ha!

Well, evidently someone reviewed their Code of Ethics and remembered … YOUR FUNDEMENTAL DUTY TO SERVE THE COMMUNITY. So, this week they did, when they got a snake call, although it was hours later, a deputy did handle the call. The snake was wrangled and released into a more hospitable habitat…behind the fence, we hear.

Then just down the road apiece out in the community of Fulshear, the police spent an evening alligator wrangle’n. Yes, they sure did. As usual, Animal Control was not available and it’s too hot for Ghostbusters so the onus fell to the Fulshear Police. Now to be fair, there was some smack talk’n. There was discussion about the perfect “mobile” handbag hanging out in the drive thru lane- it wasn’t quite big enough for boots and a bag. There was talk about give’n that toothy grin some fries, but amidst all the talk there was immediate action to protect the public and do what was possible for the displaced animal.

Fulshear Police responded using a broom and dog leash to capture the alligator. Yes, they managed to capture that bad boy with a broom and a leash, then loaded it into the back of a truck and delivered it to a nearby pond. Outside their scope of duty, you bet! However, it’s what protecting and serving the public is all about, and using whatever resources you have available.

Watch for it … here comes the power grab… it’s in full swing – So remember we told ya’ the Toll Road Authority had contracted with New Jersey, then we told ya’ they were going to break away from Harris County Toll Road Authority and that will cost us…well, here ya’ go. … Mike Stone, the 2 Million Dollar Man, who identifies himself as Project Manager and Vice Chairman of the Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority, sent out a missive the other day to specific elected officials that the Toll Road Authority was planning on taking over the law enforcement officers that work the Toll Road and put them under another umbrella with a director.

Really? Why are we reinvesting the wheel? What is this going to cost? Why, all of a sudden? Is this to better feather his nest? Who is running the Toll road Authority, the project manager or the citizens selected by the commissioners to protect our interests?

Watch out…there is an agenda here that’s not best for Fort Bend County… but it sure looks good for the project manager and his cronies. Cover your wallet!

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