The Afterburner 07/09/14

By LeaAnne Klentzman  

Justice?   The dictionary defines Justice as: “The upholding of what is just, especially fair treatment and due reward in accordance with honor, standards, or law.”  With that definition in mind we will be very closely watching the proceedings involving a sitting judge.  This particular attorney/now judge had a history with Ms. Carter for his behavior long before he was elected to the bench.  And yes, he has a habit of openly bragged that with the death of Bev Carter (that was cleaned up for print) there is no one to stop him.

Just for clarification, no one at the Star frequents the Swill Stations where he hangs out but unbeknownst to him, after he experiences a Turrets’ type moment talking about his power, his peeps are burn’n up our phones to spill those beans!  Until now, he has not been worth the print space to even acknowledge him; however, it has come to our attention that this Judge is getting what appears to be special treatment.

When a Fort Bend citizen files court pleadings the case is generally assigned back to the court of original jurisdiction. It almost takes an act of Congress to get a case moved to another court…but in this case no one wanted to hear it.  Judge Pope, the Family Court Judge, who granted the emergency hearing said he was concerned that any ruling could be viewed as questionable since all the Judges sit on different Boards with one another .. so he contacted the regional Administrative Judge for a court assignment.

Administrative Judge Underwood assigned the emergency hearing to a Judge in Harris County.  She is busy, has a working docket of her own, so she ordered the proceedings to her courtroom in Harris County.  How handy! You see, with this sideshow going into Harris County it is highly unlikely that any Fort Bend citizen might happen into the courtroom and listen to the proceedings.

Ha! Have wheels – will travel. While this sitting Judge is relatively new to the bench, it is important he remember that those we elect, especially to a Judgeship, are held to a higher standard than the general public and are expected to conduct themselves and their service to the public with the utmost integrity.

In a perfect world every citizen deserves justice and equal treatment under the law, even if they were once married to a now sitting judge, they should not have to travel to a different courthouse in a different county to get fair and equitable treatment.

Return of Sheriff’s Girly Boys – When public servants fail to help the public because they are afraid of something is it called phobia transference?   Seems there could be some of that going on over at the Sheriff’s Office.  We were so proud of them last week, it appeared they had reviewed their Code of Ethics and remembered the purpose of their existence is to serve the public.  They even saved someone from a snake!

Well, this week they failed…again.  On Sunday, at a convenience store on the corner of State 99/The Grand Parkway and West Belfort there was another snake call.  This time, the ‘ole serpent’ himself was hanging from underneath the car.

A call for help went out, no help arrived. Heck, no deputy was even sent to see if they could help. The folks who answer the phone, 911 or otherwise, have been instructed NOT to send anyone to help you. The Major over that division has determined that snakes, alligators, as well as other wildlife, are not in the purview of a deputy sheriff.

Yep, he’s a citified Girly Boy who fails to realize that he’s no longer working in a subdivision or city limits. However, his boss, the Sheriff, best remember the folks who voted for him are the ones being kicked to the curb by his gatekeepers who will not send a deputy to help.

Toll Road Czar – The toll road circus is looking for a Czar.  They tried it years ago and got gobsmacked but they are at it again.  The director of all things Toll Road is after an ally so he can control the law enforcement on the Toll Roads.  Sit back and watch, the 2 Million$Man, his band of Merry Men along with the Schoolmarm Commissioner are quietly going about building their very own little Kingdom right under everyone’s nose.

Remember when the New Sheriff/who was then Constable was stump’n against the Old Sheriff…he shouted from the roof tops…If I am elected I will give ALL the contract deputy programs to the Constables?  He told anyone who would listen; Constables were better suited for contract work and could do a better job.  Well fast forward past Election Day and now all bets are off and he sees things differently. Think he’s forgotten his campaign promises or was he just blow’n smoke up our skirts to get elected? That contract deputy spiel, uh, not, the case.

He has sought out more contracts and is still competing for them.  You hide and watch, he is even after the Toll Road Czar slot so he and the 2Million$Man can control said the Constables. Whatcha’ bet the Toll Road Czar will either be on the Sheriff’s staff or his Constable brother’s.  Heads up all you other Constables, ya’ll are chump change…. This is the Nehls’ country.

You can bet there is a lot more of this to come.

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