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Category archives for: Afterburner

The Afterburner 02/05/14

By LeaAnne Klentzman   The Little Dutch Boy can’t hold back these flood gates: Remember that Rosenberg police chief thing we pondered about, right here in this column? Well, that pondering has led to the crashing of the flood gates. In fact, there is so much information barraging us about the inner-workings of that police department […]

The Afterburner 01/22/14

By LeaAnne Klentzman   Tug’n on Superman’s cape uncovers a week’s worth of shameless self-promotion… Last week we posed a few questions relating to the search for a new Rosenberg police chief. Now one need remember, the former chief is now city manager so he is all over who his predecessor is going to be. We […]

The Afterburner 01/15/14

By LeaAnne Klentzman   The building of a scandal – The city of Rosenberg has promoted their long time police chief to city manager thus the search is on for a new police chief; one who will answer to the former police chief now city manager. According to insiders, since trying to become competitive with east […]

The Afterburner 01/08/14

Going up in smoke What a year this might be! By LeaAnne Klentzman  Going up in smoke… What a year this might be! In some circles 2014 is starting off with quite a bit of promise with Colorado taking a trial run at the legalizing pot. Irrespective of your views on marijuana the legalization of […]

The Afterburner 12/18/13

By LeaAnne Klentzman   Lost in translation: Lawd Help, if I’d done it on purpose it would have been far more clever! In an effort to keep everyone updated last week I listed all the local candidates for the March Primary. While typing that list I made a mistake; my bad! I don’t know who […]

The Afterburner 12/11/13

By LeaAnne Klentzman  Hope and Change! Well, not so much… Oh, it was with great anticipation that we all watched as the deadline to file for a spot on the local 2014 election ballot crawled to an end. And crawl it did, closed with barely a whimper, making even the possibility of some change… very […]

The Afterburner 12/04/13

By LeaAnne Klentzman  Fort Bend County has been hailed as the top of a lot of things for a lot of years. For as long as any newcomer can remember Fort Bend County has been in the top tier of fastest growing counties in America for at least the last 20 years. Fort Bend County […]

The Afterburner 11/20/13

Social media or anti-Social media? By LeaAnne Klentzman  It began with the World Wide Web, which morphed to the hip and groovy www. Then came www.youfillinhere.com followed by .org, .net, .tv, .biz….. it seems to be endless. Social Media has become such an integral part of our lives that many forget that everyone around them […]

The Afterburner 11/13/13

By LeaAnne Klentzman   Chickens coming home to roost … Just three short weeks ago, right here in this column mental health services, or the lack thereof, was discussed.  Right here we told you there was a looming crisis.  Right here we touched on the Crisis Intervention Unit lauded by Commissioners and a couple of […]

The Afterburner 10/30/13

By LeaAnne Klentzman   The battle for our borders comes home. Last Saturday morning Fort Bend residents awoke to learn that a Stafford police officer had been shot, twice, in the line of duty.  She was doing her job and keeping the citizens safe while they slept when she was ambushed by a carload of […]

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