I’m Sick and Tired
By Michael Fredrickson

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I’m Sick and Tired… 04/02/14

…of the Comcast cable company rip-off. First, I refused to pay $50 per month for an Internet connection. After four or five years of getting ripped off by Time Warner Cable I called the local phone company (Windstream) and asked for DSL prices and speeds. I switched! I got DSL, always on, high-speed Internet service […]

I’m Sick and Tired… 12/11/13

Response to publisher’s Sick and Tired column Mr. Fredrickson read Mr. Bolt’s (sic) letter but obviously did not hear anything that he (Bolt) (sic)  said. It took just a few short words to describe the president as a leftist, an extremist, and a lier (sic) just a community organizer from a state where previous governors are […]

I’m Sick and Tired… 11/20/13

…of Kool-Aid drinkers that continue to defend the indefensible… This extremist president lied to get elected and continues to lie to this day. Remember when he said he would enact a healthcare bill that would lower the average annual family health care bill by $2,500. Instead, the average annual health insurance policy is going to […]

I’m Sick and Tired… 11/06/13

By Michael Fredrickson …of this extremist president’s lies and then more lies to cover up his first lie Now we find out about lie number two on Obamacare. Obama lied repeatedly when he said, “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it, PERIOD,” and if you like your doctor you can keep your […]

I’m Sick and Tired… 10/30/13

That was an out and out lie when he said it five years ago and it has been a lie while he has been saying it for the past three years after Obamacare was past… and he knew it was a lie. Millions and millions of happy policyholders are being notified that their “low-cost” policy […]

I’m Sick and Tired… 10/23/13

…of the president telling us that Obamacare is going to lower our health care costs This ridiculous 2,000 page health care law that now includes 10,000+ more pages of regulations had nothing to do with saving me money on my health care. It was part of his and the rest of the socialist democrats diabolical […]

I’m Sick and Tired… 10/16/13

…of politicians, pundits, activists and news anchors referring to the U.S. DEFAULTING on its debt By Michael Fredrickson I am sick and tired of all these idiots stating the U.S. will default if we don’t raise the debt ceiling and Obama saying raising the debt ceiling does not increase our debt. I’ll tell you right […]

I’m Sick and Tired… 06/05/13

…of government taxing and spending and wasting being called investments I am sick and tired of democrats using the phrase “investment” when all they are talking about is spending OUR money. Government doesn’t invest one red cent. This goes beyond the pale of political correctness. There is nothing correct about it. Of course I’m sick […]

I’m Sick and Tired… 10-17-12

Wag the dog and other alternate universes Some declared the death of journalism during the 2008 Presidential election when Obama’s admitted cocaine and pot use was not worthy of their scrutiny. I declared obvious liberal bias in 1994 when they referred to Gingrich’s proposals as cuts to this program or that program when there was […]

I’m Sick and Tired… 09/05/12

I’m sick and tired of outrageously high college tuition costs. When I started at a Texas public college 28 years ago the cost of a three hour course was $12. That was tuition only. No lab fees or books or parking etc. Today, I pay $1500 for that same three hours of college credit for […]

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