Thanks Sugar Land, I now live in a flood house

An open letter to the City of Sugar Land: Here’s what your drainage imbalance has caused me: 1) Lowered home value, this is now a flood home. This is the worst part of the situation. I’m semi-retired, most of my income is from Social Security; my home was part of my savings. That value is […]

Giving strength to the powerless

Dear Editor, Bullying continues to rise and has become a frequent topic of discussion in our community. At some point as a child or an adult, people encounter an imbalance of power in individuals who cause them pain. This person, typically known as the “bully” drives fear in their hearts that can lead the victim […]

Missouri City needs out of Metro deal

Dear Editor, Is Metro Rail the answer to Houston’s commuting nightmare? It’s definitely the most expensive option, especially for Missouri City residents. Since the 1970s, Missouri City has contributed almost $80 million of its sales tax revenues to Metro, with the hope that commuter rail would come to the town. The proposed Main Street rail […]

Letters to the Editor 07/26/17

Commentary about healthcare right on the mark Dar Editor, Bravo Joe Southern! Well said! Your piece on the so called “Affordable Health Care Act” is right on the mark, absolutely accurate, honest and forthright and deserves a wider audience. Is there any way we can get it to go viral/mainstream via Facebook and Twitter? — […]

Disappointment in publication of column

Dear Editor, First, I would like to say that I really like your column (Faith, Family and Fun). Not too long ago, you were standing up to the entertainment industry about them pushing the envelope when it comes to coarse language being used in films geared towards kids. That is why I am so surprised […]

Sheriff’s office acted inappropriately at time of death

Dear Editor, The reason I am writing is because of the total lack of compassion that the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office exhibited recently, when we lost my father-in-law. He was a World War II prisoner of war who was wounded and spent six months in a Nazi prison in Germany. He was 95 years […]

Letter about Trump off the mark

Dear Editor, The letter from Will Heierman dismissing the investigation into the Trump administration still has me scratching my head. He suggests that it’s much ado about nothing and those making the allegations are “disenfranchised gremlins.” James Comey is no disenfranchised gremlin, nor partisan flamethrower. John Boehner, who said this week that the Trump presidency […]

Letters to the Editor 05/24/17

Support the presidency Dear Editor, The fallout from the recent termination of the Director of the FBI by the President is symptomatic of something very wrong going on in America. At a time when we should be united in defense of our borders and our way of life, more attention is being spent on sowing […]

Oak Ridge Boys are talented and friendly

Dear Editor, I really enjoyed your “opinion” column about the Oak Ridge Boys. I am also a big fan of theirs. I grew up in a small town – population 10,000-12,000 called Independence, Kansas. Every year Independence has a 3-4 day event called Neewallah (Halloween spelled backwards). It is a big deal with a parade, […]

Senator Huffman’s ‘yes’ vote saves voucher bill

Dear Editor, Normally, we can look at a legislator’s vote on a bill and easily determine if they were for or against it. Simply put, constituents think a “yes” vote means the legislator supported the legislation and a “no” vote means they opposed it. But, at times our complicated political process is not that transparent. […]

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