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Senior citizens upset over the T.E. Harman Center management

Dear Editor, On Tuesday, April 15, Mike Goodrum, Assistant City Manager of Sugar Land, held his second meeting in response to a petition signed and submitted by members of the T.E. Harman Center for senior citizens. The gist of the petition was the alleged mismanagement by the current manager of T.E. Harman to one of […]

One Way Pairs Project is not the will of the people

Dear Editor, When deciding on the one way pairs, here are ideas to really fear. Now that Fort Bend county and TxDot are free to sidestep the citizens, subvert the will of the people, and disregard our special election, I suppose they could proclaim an edict making themselves our supreme rulers for life and over […]

Reader gives a warning to motorists

Dear Editor, When you travel along Hwy. 6 and Lexington and Hwy. 59 South, if you see a green light, Do Not Cross the line into the intersection with your car until you can see enough empty space in your lane for the entire vehicle to completely be out of the intersection space. Even if […]

Reader responds to Sugar Land regarding Red Light Cameras

Hon. Sugar Land Mayor and Council, Hardly anyone disputes that the presence of red light cameras increases rear-enders, but as to t-bone accidents there’s no agreement.  We often see statistics claiming large reductions of t-bones with cameras, but those statistics, done by the IIHS or police who have a stake in the outcome, don’t stand […]

Student says bus service not fair to all – FBISD should help all kids get to school

Dear Fort Bend Star, I am writing because I am concerned about the new Fort Bend ISD Academy bus program for 2014-2015.  Many kids live within walking distance of an elementary school and will not be affected, but many other kids (like me) no longer have the ability to attend an academy because there is […]

Captain Van responds to last week’s Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, Three letters on red light cameras (RLCs) in last week’s issue deserve a response.  The flawed legislation which authorizes RLCs prohibits the evidence from being used for anything else but issuing notices of violation.   It is silly but true that using the photos to establish fault in an accident is prohibited. The law […]

Resident has better suggestion on red lights and public safety

Dear Sir/Madam, Considering the way the Sugar Land City Council used a technicality to avoid putting the red light photo-shoot on the ballot would indicate, to me at least, that they fear the outcome of the ballot on this subject. If the City is truly interested in Public safety, there is a better way to […]

Reader defends the red light camera issue

Dear Editor, It doesn’t surprise me at all that the Houston Coalition against red light cameras , or Capt. Van Der Grinten, would use the death of someone to enforce their stand that cameras didn’t prevent the accident. Once again, the driver who went through the red light was not from Sugar Land. The majority of Sugar […]

Response to Republican Editorial Against Obamacare

This is my first time to respond to Michael Fredrickson’s column who is also the owner of the Fort Bend Star,  His“I’m Sick and Tired…” column is entertaining only to like- minded people who revel in his personal insults directed at President Obama on every subject imaginable. In his Nov. 20, 2013 column he makes […]

Reader repulsed by conservative columnists

Dear Editor, I think I have come to an understanding about my frustration with your paper’s so-called Conservative-columnists.  It is not rooted in my disdain their poor narrative skills or even their unending rants.  It comes from my recognizing that they never, ever say anything Positive.  They offer no solutions, except for “Vote GOP (Tea-Party, […]

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