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Student wants timing of lights adjusted

Dear Editor, The traffic light at Hwy.6 and 90-A is unsafe. My friend’s mother had a wreck there and Officer W. Allen, who came to their aid, said there are four wrecks there every day. The reason for this is while driving on 90-A, Hwy. 6 goes over you in an overpass. The light that […]

Reader addicted to Bev’s Burner

Dear Editor, For some reason Sugar Mill doesn’t get the paper anymore but I read a friend’s. I was shocked to read that there isn’t a gap of Ms. Carter writing but that she might not be writing any longer at all. When I moved to the area, I knew that in order to be […]

Reader says…Thank you, Ms. Carter

Dear Beverly, I have enjoyed, and most often relished, your news/opinion columns.  I have read in recent months, and certainly in your last column, a certain resignation from you. I pray for your re-birth of health and energy.  You have provided me with stimulations of both my funny bone and my viscera.  You have been […]

Kudos to Carter

Dear Ms. Carter, I just want to drop this note to you, that I have lived in Quail Valley since 1998 and my wife has been a resident since the 70’s. We truly enjoy your publication and particularly your opinions and informative column.  We realize how difficult this has become for you and want you […]

Reader will miss Bev’s Burner

Dear Mrs. Carter, “May be goodbye forever”.  I hope not, as I have always enjoyed your Burner. Regards and best wishes, Gerald Metherell Sugar Land.

Avid reader hopes Bev’s Burner continues

Dear Beverly, I must apologize for taking this long to write to you.  I have been an avid reader of your column since I moved back into this area in 2008. I especially admire the way you dealt with the sheriff’s mess before a new election was held. There is power with the pen after […]

Missouri City police & fire department fully staffed – resident thinks not

Dear Editor, I am concerned with the way one Missouri City candidate conducted his campaign.  He mislead the voters on a technicality. He stated that the Missouri City police and fire department are fully staffed.  They are.. technically with the budget that the mayor and council gives them. Worst case senerio… If it costs 60,000 to hire […]

Proud to support Congressman Olson’s defense to 2nd Amendment rights

Dear Editor, Recent events have driven gun control proposals throughout congress and the administration, largely based on emotional reactions. While I appreciate the sentiment behind these proposals, I do not believe they will achieve the desired results. A large step in the right direction would be to enforce the gun laws currently on the books […]

Reader says Missouri City’s police facility needs revamping

Dear Editor, I seem to be somewhat confused when it comes to the running of Missouri City.  It seems that our officials are like Nero, they fiddle (or play golf) while the major parts of the city go to pot. Prime example is our so called police station. It is really an old Food Lion […]

Trash dumps in Missouri City? Surely looks like it says reader


Hi Bev, Do you know Missouri City has added 2 more trash dumps? Both are at City Center. The 1st is between the New City Center Club House and the Eldorado 18th green. For the last 3 months, the city has dumped all of the trash from the bridge project and expansion of the cart […]

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