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Reader responds to Presswood’s letter to editor

Sir, nobody said you had to read EVERY word in the paper. On more then a few occasions, I thought Bev’s Burner was off in left field and I just chose not read it that week. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water, I’ve enjoyed reading “The Star“. I’ve especially enjoyed the different […]

Not all people dislike the Conservative Voice column

Dear Editor, Please keep that ink flowing. I really like Barbara Carlson’s articles, in fact I wish you would give her more space so I could read more. Thanks, Patty Matthews

Resident says Prestwood has two choices regarding Carlson’s column

Regarding John I Prestwood’s letter to the editor in which he is asking “Fort Bend Star” to stop publishing Barbara J Carlson’s columns. We live in a free country and Mr. Prestwood can: a). Not read Mrs. Carlson’s column b). Stop picking up the paper This is a typical deplorable behavior of left when they […]

We are living in a democratic country says reader

Dear Editor, I would like to express my feeling regarding Barbara Carlson’s column.  I enjoy reading her column every week.  Of course some people may have an opposite view.  That’s okay because we don’t expect everyone would agree on every issue or one’s opinion with everyone else. If I don’t like some items display in […]

The Conservative Voice column angers some and a pat on the back from others

Dear Editor, I couldn’t agree more with the recent letter (“Star’s” 9-11-13 paper) questioning why your paper is giving space to The Conservative Voice. It’s not that I don’t want to browse conservative thought, but it ought to at least make some sense. Week after week the column appears to be a random selection of […]

Reader wants the “Star” to stop the space and ink on Carlson’s column

Dear Editor, Any chance you can stop the ink and space for Barbara J Carlson’s column? She raises her head from the sand long enough to shout accusations and babble … never any solutions … before plunging it back under the sand again. She now holds John Kerry and Hillary Clinton responsible for advising George […]

Put more resources behind STEM says Dr. Betty Baitland

Dear Editor: If we want to prepare the next generation for the explosion of high-tech jobs that are likely to dominate the job market, we need to put more resources behind education in science, technology, engineering and math, collectively known as the STEM subjects. By 2018, STEM jobs are projected to increase 22 percent, to […]

Praises for Sugar Land Police by resident

Dear Editor, Kudos to the Sugar Land Police Department for being good neighbors and serving us so well. My purse was stolen Wednesday night while I was at church (in Houston), and the scumbags got my driver’s license. I was worried they would go to my house while I was waiting for the Houston police […]

Sugar Land Animal Services Manager responds to Flaxman’s letter

Dear Editor, I am writing in response to Jessica Flaxman’s letter to the editor that appeared in the “Fort Bend Star” on July 17.  The article was extremely critical of Sugar Land Animal Services and our employees.  Our employees and the many dedicated volunteers who donate their time on a regular basis are very disappointed […]

Reader shares insight of Sugar Land Animal Shelter

Dear Ft. Bend Star, When friends ask how I can bear to volunteer at the Sugar Land Animal Shelter, I know what they’re thinking. “Isn’t it unbearably sad? Isn’t it dirty and smelly? Isn’t it just a horrible place for all those poor animals?”  They are describing the conditions at many shelters in this area  […]

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