City of Richmond’s surface water treatment plant to begin construction

The City of Richmond has awarded the contract for construction of the surface water treatment plant to LEM Construction Company who will begin work immediately to fulfill the 2016 deadline mandated by the Texas Legislature.

The Texas Legislature created the Fort Bend Subsidence District in 1989 to prevent subsidence (sinking of the land) within the county by regulating groundwater withdrawal. The Fort Bend Subsidence District had mandated in 2008-10 that permittees must reduce groundwater consumption 30 percent by 2016 and then reduce an additional 30 percent by 2025 for a total of 60 percent reduction in groundwater use. These mandates apply specifically to the Fort Bend Subsidence District, as there are multiple groundwater conservation districts, in Texas, with their own mandates.LEM Construction is a Houston based company specializing in construction of water and wastewater treatment facilities since 1971. They have been responsible for area surface water treatment plants including Fort Bend County WC&ID No. 2 plant, and are known for their respected work. The city is committed to providing high quality water to its residents in the most financially responsible manner, without compromising quality. The new surface water treatment plant located at 5600 Riverwood.

2 Comments for “City of Richmond’s surface water treatment plant to begin construction”

  1. sunshine

    To help keep our grounds green by restoring water usage into our grounds and limit oil usage, to prevent subsidence(sinking of the land) within each county! Regulating ground water withdrawal is not the answer! So, recycling waste waters to use again, to help protect our federal waters in Fort Bend that being polluted these days by MUD waste water plants!

  2. sunshine

    Fort Bend Fresh Water Supply District 1 continues to construct more public water lines for water needs and future surface water usage to come into Fresno community. Surface water is recyclable waste waters to help prohibit or protect many MUD waste waters from continuing into polluting our federal waters in Fort Bend.

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