Civil Servant of the Week: Sugar Land’s Waldo Ngan Tian

Waldo Ngan Tian

Waldo Ngan Tian

Waldo Ngan Tian is a Program Analyst with our Information Technology department for the City of Sugar Land.

Tian exhibits an extremely high level of expertise, enthusiasm, and dedication to his work while simultaneously keeping a positive goal-oriented disposition at all times. Although he has been with the City less than two years, the positive impacts he already made are very impressive.

Within his first month of being an employee, Tian has earned – and has sustained – a reputation for providing a high level of performance. He hit the ground running with developing a tracking system for the City’s Office of Strategic Initiatives department. This application is used by my office and my executive team to monitor the progress and obtain the status of the City’s strategic projects.

“Overall, Tian has a great attitude towards his work, as an IT professional, and as part of the City of Sugar Land family,” Sugar Land City Manager Allen Bogard said. “He is dependable and reliable as shown by the products that he has delivered, whether these are projects of his own or requests for reports and integration tasks made due to his technical expertise. End users are happy with his results and they look forward to working with him.”

Tian also took upon three initiatives that were created by our Engineering department: CIP (Capital Improvement Program) project status quarterly report process automation, CIP Story Map application, and CIP Development Process Automation.  He completed the first two tasks to an amazing level far beyond expectations. His creative work on the CIP quarterly report has significantly improved work efficiency and reduced human error. This process used to take roughly 30 to 40 hours to compile and review; now it only takes approximately four hours. In addition, the automated system provides several new functions that track project progress in different ways. Tian worked closely with staff on the CIP Story Map application, which created a GIS based CIP project display on the City’s website to allow the residents to view all the active CIP project information. Tian just started the third initiative of automating the 5-year CIP Development Process. He already provided good ideas on how to make it work.

Now in his second year of employment, he still exhibits the same attitude of being able to deliver on time high quality applications. When integrated solutions are needed, Tian’s involved because he provides well thought input and ability to perform and deliver a task that is assigned to him.

Tian’s expertise is second to none in his field. His attention to detail is especially evident in the quality of work he produces. Tian consistently receives praise from staff relating to his high level of performance on the job. He defines the role of a team player. Superior service is something Tian truly strives to provide. He is a straight talker, especially when it comes to feasibility and solutions needed to address business requirements and the various options that are available.

He can stand his ground and at the same time ready to welcome any other ideas and objectively weigh options and agree to an optimum and sound resolution.

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