Heidi Cruz stumps for her husband in Rosenberg

By Joe Southern

Michael Gibson, chairman of the Fort Bend County Republican Party with Heidi Cruz at the campaign. (Submitted photo)

Michael Gibson, chairman of the Fort Bend County Republican Party with Heidi Cruz at the campaign. (Submitted photo)

Standing on the same stage her husband did four years ago when he ran for the Senate, Heidi Cruz came to Rosenberg Friday afternoon to campaign for Ted Cruz’s bid for the White House.

The visit came the day after a Republican primary debate in Houston and four days before voters in Texas enter the fray in the Super Tuesday balloting. On Tuesday, 12 states, mostly in the South, went to the polls to vote in primaries.

“You have an incredibly important job to do on March one,” Heidi Cruz said to a small crowd in a lot behind the Fort Bend County Republican Party office. “As you know, Texas is the crown jewel in this day. About 30 percent of the delegate votes will have been cast by the end of that day. It’s a very, very important time to tell Texans to come out and vote.”

She delivered a three-prong message to supporters: Promoting the qualities and values he stands for, his plans for the presidency and a strategy for winning the nomination.

“This is a man ready to be commander-in-chief on day one,” she said.

She told the gathering about her own upbringing in California with parents who taught her and her siblings how to start and operate their own small business. As a child, she ran her own bread baking company.

“We learned so much about what it takes to produce something of value, to manage expenses to fail and to start again,” she said.

Learning those skills and becoming engrained with a set of values and a strong work ethic, she set the bar high when it came to finding a husband.

“When I met Ted in the year 2000, I knew that I had met more than my match of someone who is principled, of someone who is living their life for others and someone who truly practiced what he preached,” she said.

She said the principles and values that guide Ted Cruz are what attracted her to him.

“People ask us why hasn’t he been more liked in Washington. If you’ve observed Ted working, he is so kind and generous and polite and respectful, he has a strategy for getting these things done. There is a reason this Congress hasn’t embraced him and that’s because they have an 11 percent approval rating from you and when you go up and ask him to do what you want him to do, he’s in the minority.

“Ted’s not doing this for a lifestyle, he’s doing this to turn our country around and he’s willing to risk popularity to serve you and we need to deliver for him,” she said.

As President, Cruz said her husband would focus on national security and economic growth.

“First thing we must do is keep our country safe. Jobs, growth and opportunity are right up there at the top. … Ted will work to build our military to have the strength and capacity to win and carefully select where we go,” she said.

She said it is vital that the economy starts growing again.

“We need to return to a period of economic growth and we know how to do this. We do it through the government getting out of the way,” she said to great applause.

She also touted his tax plan.

“Ted has proposed a very simple flat tax. A lot of thought went into it to come up with the very best rate that would minimize taxes for individuals at 10 percent; have a flat tax for corporations. There have been a lot of people look at this plan and said ‘this works.’ If we have a simple tax that we can fill out on a postcard we can abolish the IRS,” she said.

She also addressed important social aspects of the presidency.

“At no other time in all of our lives have we felt that our constitutional liberties are truly at stake. … This is a time when people are losing their businesses for saying what they believe. This isn’t a time of freedom of religion it’s a time when this country is against people of faith, of all different faiths and we must elect someone who understands that who has a record of defending it,” she said.

Even as President Barack Obama prepares to make a nomination to the Supreme Court, Cruz was looking ahead at future nominations and making sure “we are appointing the right justices to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

“We have the opportunity to appoint anywhere from one to three to perhaps four justices. This is a pivotal turning point,” she said.

She said her husband’s approach would be to select the best qualified candidates and then expend as much political capital as necessary to drive the nomination through Congress.

“We need a court that is composed of strict constitutionalists, not judicial activists. Ted would ensure that that happens,” she said.

In the third point of her 20-minute speech, she put the onus on the people to deliver votes on Tuesday.

“It’s up to you to deliver those delegates,” she said. “Texas is the crown jewel, this is our home.”

She said the Cruz campaign has been “building a grassroots army that is bigger than anyone has ever seen.”

She said getting people out to vote was critical.

“We are going to do very well on Super Tuesday and we want to maximize that with all of your help,” she said.

After she finished, Party Chairman Michael Gibson made note that Fort Bend County made its office and phone banks open to each of the Republican candidates.

“The Cruz campaign is the only one that valued us enough in Fort Bend to come out and open up a headquarters,” he said.

Gibson charged the crowd to “make sure Fort Bend stays red, which it’s going to do, keep Texas red and take back the White House.”

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